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Jackson also decided to invade and capture Florida without the approval of anyone. He had his state militia with him. Escaped slaves and Indians were going to Florida, where the British welcomed them. Jackson decided to teach them a lesson and in the process defeated the British and secured Florida for the US.

The President at the time (Monroe? Madison? I don't remember) was furious when the news reached Washington. But by then the war was over and the Florida territory part of the US.
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It seems entirely possible that humans ran around in clothing for hundreds of thousands of years before the lice mutated - they didn't necessarily evolve the minute the first person put on a t-shirt.
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I saw something very much like one of these once on the surface in very shallow water in the Sarasota Bay, which connects to the gulf of Mexico. It wasn't this big - maybe 10 ft long. And it was darker in color - with some reds.

I always wondered what it was.
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My daughter is 14 and on the first day of school complained of the intense stink that engulfs the area around the boy's lockers at school. The smell these days is Axe.
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Some Monopoly squares (like the St. James and Tennessee) are much more likely to get landed on than others (like Mediterranean ) due to the game mechanisms (frequency of being sent to the Jail sell, two dice resulting in numbers nearer to 7, etc.

Candyland is entirely random depending on the shuffle of the card deck. However if you cheat and arrange the deck then it is completely deterministic.

My kids quickly figured out that they could cheat by stacking the deck. Once they started doing this I encouraged them to carry it out all the way until they win. If you think about it is equivalent to program execution on a computer, albeit simplified.
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Today is the first day that race doesn't matter. And that's neat.

A President's first official action _is_ his inauguration speech. It sets the agenda:
- ask not what your country can do for you
- all we have to fear is fear itself
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Can you use one of those very large bubble wands? They make bubbles a foot across in normal weather. But you have to dip them in a tray which of course must still be liquid.
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After hurricane Andrew hit us in Miami we emerged from our damaged apartment building. I took my eight year old step daughter down to survey the damage. The ground was literally covered with dead birds (sparrows, blackbirds, blue jays, mocking birds). You couldn't walk without stepping on them. It was shocking.

Just then the geese from the lake came waddling around from behind the building! They had survived! I pointed them out to my daughter and she smiled and began calling to them...

... but then we noticed that the geese were eating the dead birds.
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