Frozen Bubbles

It's very cold tonight, so we played with bubbles If you blow them upwards enough they have time to freeze on the way down.

Skipweasel took photographs of the experiments in blowing soap bubbles in freezing weather. The pictures are wild -especially when you see a frozen bubble bursting! Link

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neat photo. I just posted a short video clip on youtube and flickr showing a bubble as it freezes. very cool as the ice proceeds to cover the surface of the bubble. See: youtube or flickr. Enjoy.
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**Press Request**

Hi Skipweasel

I can't find a contact email for you anywhere so will post here... We'd love to do a story on your bubbles & try & get it published in newspapers & Magazines.

Please contact me on or


Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) is pretty neat. But Canucks have been doing this for years. It's always best to have a young child around too.....they are always truly amazed when it bursts.
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I wouldn't dismiss the cold-sky idea so quickly. It's really noticeable that if I park my car with the windscreen facing the open sky it freezes much faster than if I park it facing a building 40' away. The crown of the bubble can barely see anything except open cold sky from which it receives very little heat. The sides and bottom are surrounded by fences, ground, people etc. all of which are much warmer than the sky.
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well, it's certainly not the heat radiating from the ground (too many other random thermal factors closer), and if it was due to the 'thickness' of the bottom vs top, the whole thing would freeze at random points uniformly on the outside layer (the bottom of the inside would take an very very short amount of time longer, but it wouldn't be viewable).

Perhaps it has something to do with the old addage "heat rises" and heat escaping from the top? I'm not certain of that...

Despite the appearences, I believe the colder water molecules rise very quickly forming this 'top down' freezing. Without experiemntation with the right equipment, however, I can't say conclusively.
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