Oarfish May Be the Source of Sea Serpent Legend

In this Discovery video, which has hit the tubes recently, you'll see what is called an oarfish.  Normally fish that look like this don't rise anywhere near the surface of the sea.  They say in the video that this critter is 5 to 10 meters long.  If that is true, then it may account for the old mariner tales of sea serpents that were like fish, but huge and sporting tendrils.  Aside from the giant squid, oarfish fits the bill perfectly, especially if it's :

(YouTube Link)

A huge oarfish was caught on camera in the Gulf of Mexico, giving scientists a rare glimpse of the bizarre fish in its native deep sea habitat. Researcher Mark Benfield describes the fish, a likely inspiration for the sea serpent myth.

via It's Animals!

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@ Brooks,
Oarfish actually do have red sprouts coming out the tops of their heads and are darker in colour (a dark silver) when seen on the surface. Perhaps you really did see one.
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I saw something very much like one of these once on the surface in very shallow water in the Sarasota Bay, which connects to the gulf of Mexico. It wasn't this big - maybe 10 ft long. And it was darker in color - with some reds.

I always wondered what it was.
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"Oarfish May Be the Source of Sea Serpent Legend"

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