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Chris, automobile passengers SHOULD be wearing seatbelts and have airbags. It would be my guess that most brain injuries resulting from auto accidents occur in situtations without one or both of these. Bicyclists, on the other hand, don't have the protection of a large metal-framed car around them.

Of course it's great that these people are doing this, for a number of reasons (health, environmental, financial, etc.). It's just that it isn't practical for most people. Naturally if you live in a big city with a subway system, etc. it would be easy. But in suburban or rural areas, there's too much sprawl to realistically get from one place to another safely or punctually. And in most areas, especially at nighttime, you're practically asking to be run over or mugged. It completely depends on the region you live in and your lifestyle.
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What happens when the kid gets sick and you need to take her to the doctor, or they need a new bookshelf? Or it's storming? And I agree, the parents ought to be wearing helmets, too. Where I live, I wouldn't feel safe riding a bike even with a helmet, the way people drive.
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It sounds gross on the surface, but I've talked to people who do this and they only eat things that are still sealed or given to them by employees before actually being put into the trash. It's not like they're taking open food that's touched all kinds of waste and germs.

It's not something I would be able to do, but I don't think it's as unsanitary as one might initially assume.
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Healthy, reddish faces? That would go for both sexes. As for fruits.. only a fraction of fruits are red. Plenty are yellow, green, orange, blue, purple.. I mean, come on. This whole thing sounds like someone's random theory, hardly "cracking a mystery."
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They also have a huge population, so it's not entirely surprising that out of all those people there are some that happen to be the tallest, have the biggest hand, etc. in the world.
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I disagree with animal testing as a whole. If animals are close enough to us biologically to test, then how is it morally acceptable to test on them? Makes no sense.
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There was a show on Broadway a few years ago called Side Show based on the lives of the Hilton sisters. There's some gorgeous music in it, but the story is pretty bittersweet.
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It's actually at Animal Kingdom, and it's pretty awesome. It's kind of the definitive spot to take pictures in front of, much like Cinderella's castle is at the Magic Kingdom.
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