No excetions.

Time to learn English! And spelling, too. -via Arbroath

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Aside from the obvious 'seperation of church and state issues' was Crestwoods Mayor Robert Stranczek, who pointed out that he was 'a life long Catholic' embarrased when his police department jailed an innocent mother who was donating to the Salvation Army in December 2007 at the Walmart in Crestwood? Was Mayor Stranczek embarrassed when his police terrified those little girls at the Walmart that night? As a life long Catholic, was Mayor Stranczek embarrassed that his police department tore apart an innocent family for no reason?

He could have used that sign to apologize to the Treffly Coyne family.

Mayor Stranczek, as a life long Catholic I can say that with your handling of your police department and what happened to that family at the Walmart last year...

I am embarrassed to have you as a member of my church.

My church stands for the family.

David Bryant wrote:

Was Mayor Stanczek Embarrassed by the actions of Catholic Priest having sexual intercourse with young boys? Just wondering!!!

Under the Stranzcek administraton (his fathers) two young boys were molested by the Crestwood Police departments juvenile officer... that officer had been charged with this offense BEFORE HE BECAME THE JUVENILE OFFICER FOR THE CRESTWOOD POLICE.

Mayor Stranczek is a spineless politician who should look at himself before he casts the first stone...

His father made some disturbing comments as mayor...

"In one case, former Crestwood Mayor Chester Stranczek tried to use his political influence to get his town drawn into another congressional district, saying he did not believe someone with Rush’s background could adequately represent the ideas of the white ethnics who live there."

If Mayor Stranczek thought a black man couldn't represent the "white's" of Crestwood... what's he gonna do when Barack Obama becomes the next President?

Good job Mayor Slimeczek
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This is one rare exception where ignorance and forced monoculture is funny. Isn't it better to know 2 languages instead of just one? Obviously in this case, it is probably better to master such skills as proofreading and spelling.
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