Not a Small World, after all

Disneyland in Anahein, California will close down the It’s A Small World ride for a year beginning in January to retool and refurbish. The reason? Bigger passengers.
The problem, quite simply, is that the flume that the boats ride in, and the boats themselves, were designed and built in 1963 on the assumption that the male adult riders would average 175 pounds and the women about 135, which they pretty much did at the time. Alas, those figures are as outdated today as the Rocket to the Moon ride.

Oh, the irony. Link -via Metafilter

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Its pretty sad when a ride that was build in the 60s and has brought us joy, or a song stuck in our head, is being changed because of todays society of obese people. Why should we have to change for them? Why not have less people per boat, thus cutting down on weight?
This situation is almost as annoying as the 2 years of a spanish language class that is required upon reaching college. Why should todays America have to change for illegal immagrants? Why should a classic ride get shut down because of people who cant controle their weight? Its a sad world after all..
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i think this is the funniest thing i've ever heard of. in 35 years they should make a supersize me: what happened to small world? for the history channel. this is just another depressing thing that skinny people have to suffer from obese people. you don't need a 14th doughnut!!!!!
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"Not a Small World, after all"

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