Scientists Breed Mentally Ill Mice

Scientists have successfully created the world’s first schizophrenic mice in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the illness. It is believed this is the very first time an animal has been genetically engineered to have a mental illness.

The mice were created by modifying their DNA to mimic a mutant gene first found in a Scottish family with a high incidence of schizophrenia, which affects about one in every 100 people. The mice’s brains were found to have features similar to those of humans with schizophrenia, such as depression and hyperactivity.

Animal rights campaigners have condemned the research, calling it morally repugnant. What do you think?

Link - via A Welsh View

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What's so cruel about it? We bred Mentally ill mice, They were born that way their not gonna know any different or care! Expirimenting on animals for fun is wrong but if it's to improve or save human lives then why not
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I honestly would condone the killing and tourtue of every mouse in the world if it saved just ONE human. Call me mean or evil or just plain disgusting, but I personally believe that a human life is worth far more than that of a mouse.
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A bit late getting back to the party, let's see if anyone's still around:

On the question of hurting versus helping I'm speaking in a utilitarian sense. Applying this to the whole group of living beings on a net "pleasure/pain" scale. If we can test a few mice, which have limited levels of self-awareness (if any) in order to help all human schizophrenics for the rest of human history live better lives I would say it is probably worth it.

And on anthropology: Actually, I have done a lot of reading on different cultures. I know and understand that hearing voices is a good thing in a lot of cultures, but as I said, "it is neither normal nor desirable in many cultures". This would include many modern western cultures, and many more I'm sure you can think of. notice I said many, not all or most.

That being said, I am not a fan of cultural relativism. it is too easy of an answer to a much more complex question, and also allows for some startling holes in "common sense" morality. Unfortunately, it seems that for people who understand and study other cultures (like myself) but don't blindly accept their beliefs as true (via cultural relativism) are often told that they need to "broaden your horizon".
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There is something wrong with me, medically speaking but I still choose the mouse. It's purpose is not to be experimented on. Your friend mice were probably stupid due to generations of commercial inbreading not their inherent nature. Remember all those mazes. They are great problem solvers. Mice are extremely intelligent, emotional, & social. They bond with their companions (regardless of species).

Most of all, while people and animals suffer alike, physiologically, different species vary so vastly that data can’t be accurately extrapolated from one species to another. Even chimpanzees, our closest living relatives—with whom we share 99 percent of our DNA—don’t sicken when infected with many diseases that are fatal to us.
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