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This begs the question: Why do they do it? There must be some reason they have evolved to behave in this way. I think the "how" is much less important than the "why".
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Who did this math? Rain Man?

How much is this candy bar?
About five dollars...

How much is an ounce of gold?
About five dollars, definitely five dollars...

This post is worthless. Neatorama, you are going down hill. Fast.
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No Tommy, he sat on it just like that.

However, it did sound a lot better than this one. Watched the videos at the link. WTF, this thing sounds like a 50cc scooter.
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I ran into Eskimo / Inuit throat singing a few years ago while researching for a novel I wrote. I got really side tracked by it LOL and ended up doing a lot more research on it than I should have.

However, this video is a pretty poor example of good throat singing. There are much better examples on Youtube without microphones.

The origin of this type of singing was a game that woman would play while the men were out hunting. They would sing into each others mouths and try to make eye contact. The first one that laughed lost.
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"If you didn’t know the individual songs, you’d think this all belonged together."

That is because all modern commercial pop songs sound the same.
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