Inuit Throat Singing

My obsession with throat singing continues. Today, let's take a look at Inuit Throat Singing, which is different from the overtone singing we've featured on Neatorama before.

Apparently, there's no overtone in the Inuit Throat Singing, though in the past singers used to resonate each other's notes by singing close to each other's mouths. Still, the singing method is unusual.

Take a look: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

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I am musician and ever since I watched Genghis Blues I've been fascinated by the practice and art of throat singing. I'm also deeply interested in dying arts/languages/etc. so the Inuit throat singing is equally entertaining. Just wanted to say that you have at least one loyal reader that digs those posts.
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I ran into Eskimo / Inuit throat singing a few years ago while researching for a novel I wrote. I got really side tracked by it LOL and ended up doing a lot more research on it than I should have.

However, this video is a pretty poor example of good throat singing. There are much better examples on Youtube without microphones.

The origin of this type of singing was a game that woman would play while the men were out hunting. They would sing into each others mouths and try to make eye contact. The first one that laughed lost.
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