Japanese Woman with Limited English Describes Star Wars

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Mika is practicing her English by explaining the plot to Episode IV while an animator hilariously adjusts the movie accordingly. This would actually be a brilliant assignment for any foreign language teacher because it tests language acquisition in a fun way. "Next week, Billy, I want you to retell Dude, Where's My Car? in Koine Greek." At the link, you can watch Mika's explanations of Avatar, The Matrix, and more.

Link | YouTube Channel

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Actually, she probably expressed her thoughts in English, better than many highschool kids do when they give book reports.

Something else that blows my mind. Other than leaving out the bar scene, prioson break, that really is pretty much the entire movie.
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As someone who tried to learn Japanese while stationed in Okinawa, I must compliment her on her English. The first time I tried to order food in Japanese, the waitress looked at me like I'd just kicked her kid in the nuts. Damned hard language; I had an easier time with Russian.
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