Living Stem Cells Survive in Corpse 17 Days After Death

How long do stem cells in your body last after death? New research by histologist and neuropathologist Fabrice Chrétien shows that stem cells can last much longer without oxygen and nutrients than previously thought:

Apparently the stem cells were able survive in the total absence of oxygen. "These cells are so resistant to extreme and deleterious conditions that they stay alive up to 17 days after death," Chrétien said. [...]

These stem cells in both dead mice and human corpses were dormant when discovered, with extraordinarily reduced metabolic activity, marking the first time scientists have found that stem cells were capable of such dormancy. The researchers suspect that chemicals given off after death, or the low levels of oxygen or nutrients in corpses, or a combination of all these factors, could have sent the stem cells into dormancy, helping them survive for weeks.


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I'm no fan of religious fanaticism, but I'm not aware of any efforts to stop this kind of research, just fetal stem cell harvesting. There. Your desired breakthrough has been achieved.
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This begs the question: Why do they do it? There must be some reason they have evolved to behave in this way. I think the "how" is much less important than the "why".
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So, when does death actually occur? Is it when your consciousness leaves your body, when your major organs begin to shut down, when your last stem cell passes from from stasis to dissolution, or when the information contained in your DNA is irretrievably gone?
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Good question, Dan Scott ... it seems that in the future, there will be both your memory (together with your specific brain functionality) and your DNA required to NOT be lost, in order for you to be alive, being reconstructed and brought back to life (like after a good night sleep) anytime you have a big accident, which is destroying the main part of your body, which gives you the conscience of being alive, your brain.
In other words, it will be required to be saved both the info for your "hardware" (DNA), and the info from your brain, the "software", as mentioned above.
At that time, by transferring your "software" into a younger version of your body/brain ("hardware"), you will stay always young ...
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