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I got a 90, but seeing as Frank is the only one who scored lower than what is considered "high-normal," I'm thinking this thing might not be as hard as it says it is.
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“When you ask people what is the ultimate luxury, 80 percent answer ‘time'"

Where the hell did this statistic come from? I seriously doubt that even 20% would say "time." Did he just pull it out of his ass or what?
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I wouldn't say their self-righteous, they really don't necessarily point the blame. They say that everybody, including them, is at fault. I thought it was pretty neat, and I usually get really tired of hearing about how were ruining the environment.
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"Live" octopus is great, but I don't think that it's necessarily live. Like GoShogun said, they cut up the tentacles into small, bite-sized pieces that wiggle around and stick to everything. I think that the wiggling/sucking is caused by nerve endings or something, but the individual pieces are completely unattached to the octopus's brain. I'm no biologist though, so I could be wrong. Try it if you have the chance though, it's really interesting.
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My brother and I have been joking about the badass-ness of the magic bullet for about a year, and my aunt randomly gave me one for christmas. It's the greatest
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Yeah, it's extremely cruel. But it makes up for it by being even more bad-ass. For those who say that this isn't "neat", your are correct. This SURPASSES neat, on into the realms of extraordinary...
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Sounds a lot like Girl Talk, if you like this you should check him out. It's a bit like this but more up-beat, catchier, and samples from sources from the past 5 or so decades
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