Garbage Island of the Pacific Ocean

We previously posted about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and San Francisco that is infested with floating trash.

Because there isn't much in terms of video footage of this phenomenon, decided to investigate. Rory Ahearn of wrote:

At we had read all the articles about this environmental problem but didn't see much in the way of video. So curiosity and the challenge compelled us west to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to show what other people had only been writing about. We go all the way out ( 2 straight days on a sail boat) expecting to see a floating dump, looking for our money shot that will make us famous.

Here's the bad news, there is no money shot. What people don't get is that it's not really a patch and it's not really an island, both of which you might be able to contain and control. No, what we found is much worse. It's like a gigantic toxic stew and it's a big big problem that we need to pay attention to now.

Here's part 1 of 12 of TOXIC- Garbage Island: Link (Flash video, warning: um, strong language) - Thanks Rory!

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Okay this ""ISLAND"" of Garabage is about to get disbursted by the Chile Earth Quake Tsunami ; isn`t it ? Why into the cat hair isn`t someone / anyone sending "WE THE PEOPLE" some video footage of the Pacific Ocean between Chile and Hawaii ; Yes it`s a Big Ocean BUTT ; Get someone in the Airplanes and tape some Footage ; this is about to be a disaster and they really need to film the Build up before the Wave hits / Makes Land Fall ! Get off their Duffs and film the Ocean NOW !
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As a young hip/cool/elitist kid, I think this series is great. There's already plenty of documentaries and reports all over from leading scientists, educators, and politicians about this issue; but something like this speaks to the younger generation who grew up on rap music and MTV's Jackass. To say that the quality of this documentary could be improved if so-and-so redid it is completely missing the point. Its going to be today's youth who's responsible for cleaning up this mess y'all left and so something like this is what gets them talking. It's not just Al Gore or that dude from Super Size Me who's concerned, it's that fucking kid you saw at the party last night!
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