Garbage Island of the Pacific Ocean

We previously posted about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and San Francisco that is infested with floating trash.

Because there isn't much in terms of video footage of this phenomenon, decided to investigate. Rory Ahearn of wrote:

At we had read all the articles about this environmental problem but didn't see much in the way of video. So curiosity and the challenge compelled us west to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to show what other people had only been writing about. We go all the way out ( 2 straight days on a sail boat) expecting to see a floating dump, looking for our money shot that will make us famous.

Here's the bad news, there is no money shot. What people don't get is that it's not really a patch and it's not really an island, both of which you might be able to contain and control. No, what we found is much worse. It's like a gigantic toxic stew and it's a big big problem that we need to pay attention to now.

Here's part 1 of 12 of TOXIC- Garbage Island: Link (Flash video, warning: um, strong language) - Thanks Rory!

I understand it's a real problem but they need a better metaphor than Island.

When I hear there's a Texas sized island of trash in the Pacific the first thing I think is, 'No way! Let me see the pictures!'

Then they tell me there is no picture, and it's not exactly and island but it's a big problem so I should be seriously interested blah blah blah.

Go back to calling this stuff pollution or garbage or something.
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That has got to be the the lowest fulfillment to potential ratio I have ever seen. It's half an hour with a bunch of self-righteous hipsters on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Maybe the second half will actually show something, but I'm not holding my breath.

It's especially a shame since I really enjoyed the documentary about North Korea you guys posted recently.
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I wouldn't say their self-righteous, they really don't necessarily point the blame. They say that everybody, including them, is at fault. I thought it was pretty neat, and I usually get really tired of hearing about how were ruining the environment.
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You're right, mark. I meant something more like "full of themselves". More often than not, those adjectives readily apply to the same people, but here that was not necessarily the case. My error.

It was still boring, though. Interesting that I (who usually take an interest in things environmental) didn't enjoy the videos, while you (who are "tired of hearing about" such things) did.
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They lost me when they went back to "three weeks earlier". It's a shame, because the problem is so serious. We need something spectacular to wake people up. I gave everyone--family and friends--a reusable grocery bag for Christmas.
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I heard a bit of it playing on someone else's computer, and I was put off by the foul language in the "documentary". Maybe they should do something about the garbage coming out of their mouths first, if only to appear a little professional.
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yeah I clicked on this the other day and a portion of the video started playing automatically. and it was the dude talking about how horny he was haha. wasnt expecting that. not sure if that is what you meant by the strong language. anyway, i agree that the 12 part thing is annoying. all i wanna so is see the meat of it.
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I'm usually not one to be bothered by follow language, but it's difficult to take someone seriously when they're dropping f-bombs like crazy. Not my cup of tea. Get Morgan Spurlock on the case. He at least entertains me.
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As a young hip/cool/elitist kid, I think this series is great. There's already plenty of documentaries and reports all over from leading scientists, educators, and politicians about this issue; but something like this speaks to the younger generation who grew up on rap music and MTV's Jackass. To say that the quality of this documentary could be improved if so-and-so redid it is completely missing the point. Its going to be today's youth who's responsible for cleaning up this mess y'all left and so something like this is what gets them talking. It's not just Al Gore or that dude from Super Size Me who's concerned, it's that fucking kid you saw at the party last night!
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Okay this ""ISLAND"" of Garabage is about to get disbursted by the Chile Earth Quake Tsunami ; isn`t it ? Why into the cat hair isn`t someone / anyone sending "WE THE PEOPLE" some video footage of the Pacific Ocean between Chile and Hawaii ; Yes it`s a Big Ocean BUTT ; Get someone in the Airplanes and tape some Footage ; this is about to be a disaster and they really need to film the Build up before the Wave hits / Makes Land Fall ! Get off their Duffs and film the Ocean NOW !
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