Seven Deadly Delicacies

You’ve probably heard of Fugu, or Pufferfish, a delicacy that may kill you if it’s not prepared by an expert. It’s not the only food that may kill you! People eat other animals and plants that contain poison, or in the case of the live octopus shown above, might choke you. Link -via Digg

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I'm with DCer. I don't get the point, unless it is just to be cruel. How do people get in trouble with the law for dog fighting and get away with stuff like this. A living being is a living being. An octopus is highly intelligent, but I don't think that being cruel to one is any different from being cruel to a less intelligent kitten. When are we going to wake up and stop this? If you've ever spent any time at all with a cow, you know that eating one is the same as eating a dog.
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Apparently the creature knows it's life is in danger. Some people like to play with their eatables before consumption. I personally think it's cruel, but ehhh.. to each his own.
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The live octopus isn't too bad. Just make sure that you chew it up properly to make sure that it's good an dead. By the way, the picture is of "Nakji Bokkeum" which is a spicy octopus stew. The live stuff doesn't come is a pan, but is usually served on a plate.
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"Seven Deadly Delicacies"

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