Japanese Bug Fights

Japanese Bug Fights is a website that showcases videos of different species of bugs in battle, including both insects and arachnids. Users are invited to submit videos. The rules:
1. Two Bugs to a fight
2. Bug fights go on as long as they have to
3. No outside weapons in Bug Fights

Link -via Gorilla Mask

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This is absurd when we can harm each other for entertainment and sometimes die, but when it comes to bugs you act as though its cruel. If a bug lands on your arm and bites you, not one of you will hesitate to smash it. I find it entertaining that these normally big bad predators who prey on weaker and smaller bugs are finally meeting their match and faced with a real challenge as oppose to killing others who dont stand a fighting chance. If you feel that its wrong you should get off your computer and not participate in society or the modern world because in some form or fashion you are contributing to the mass destruction of bugs.HYPOCRITES! Stand down b4 u embarrass yourself any further.
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Of course there is something in us that finds cruelty fascinating, certainly a big part of me wanted to check the link out, but surely this is not a part of ourselves that we should want to cultivate and encourage!

1) Many people argue that the bugs are not sentient, possible (personally It seems obvious TO ME that they are, but I could be wrong, I guess); but if you truly believe that then why on earth would you find it entertaining?

2) Regarding the difference between killing for necessity and for entertainment it just seems obvious that there is a difference (I guess that's why we despise serial killers but not soldiers!).

3) As I mentioned at the start the worst thing about this is not what it does to the insects (sad though that is!), but rather what it does to US, as ilustrated by some of the comments above.
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In my opinion humans have been on earth a long time. It's in our blood to be violent. We have massive wars that have been going on for centuries,arenas where people fight to the death, and now we have football,boxing,hockey where we see the same human torture on a daily basis. Your meaning to tell me that you feel more sorry for some little bug then some quarterback that is about to get broken into 8 pieces by some linebacker. UFC fights where guys are getting knocked out in one punch. Hippies will never rule the world because they dont have an iron fist. I hate all bugs . I wish every single one would die. They can kill you, eat your house, cause you pain, germs, bacteria, so fuck em. They dont care if they hurt you so why should we care putting a few of them in a caged fight.
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There is no difference between this and killing a fly or stepping on a spider. You are all a bunch of hypocrites to pretend like you have never killed a bug or an animal. It doesn't even show that all the bugs die. Also many of these bugs are natural predators so don't worry about it. I bet you moan over the pain cows receive while being milked too huh>? babies...
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