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Thank you so much! i've been trying to find "LOGO" for so long. I forgot what it was called, but I remember using it as a kid in 2nd grade during library.
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at first i thought it was just the dung cap flipping over, but i really think it did notice the mouse. i think elephants will naturally take caution to small animals in feat that it will harm them (such as scorpion stings)

or, they may have a natural passion for not killing other animals that would never be able to harm them?
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Yay...I have that shirt. It does not react differently to varying frequencies, but only to volume. It still definitely turns heads at the clubs on New Years Eve though = D

It uses four tripple A batteries that you put in a plastic case which can be placed in a fabric pocket inside the bottom of the shirt. On the plastic case there is an input gadge that can be adjusted how sensitively the shirt reacts.
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