Wearable Graphic Equalizer.

The T-Qualiser is a shirt with embedded graphic equalizer:

Simply wear it while the music is playing and watch the panel come to life as it flashes to the rhythm of the music. Yep - it really does have a graphic equaliser on it.

http://www.t-qualiser.com/ [Flash] - Thanks Hanah!

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Yay...I have that shirt. It does not react differently to varying frequencies, but only to volume. It still definitely turns heads at the clubs on New Years Eve though = D

It uses four tripple A batteries that you put in a plastic case which can be placed in a fabric pocket inside the bottom of the shirt. On the plastic case there is an input gadge that can be adjusted how sensitively the shirt reacts.
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Nope - it really doesn't have a graphic equalizer on it.

A spectrum display, maybe, but an EQ, no... unless all the knobs are on the inside and the shirt comes with gigantic noise-canceling-type headphones that cover the entire room so the shirt can boost some frequencies while suppressing others.

Neat, though. Sadly, around here you'd probably get arrested on some BS "glowsticks = teh drugs" anti-rave law if you wore it in public.
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