Mythbusters: Are Elephants Afraid of Mice?

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You’ve seen Dumbo, and you’ve heard the myth about elephants being afraid of mice, haven’t you? Mythbusters takes a look at what happens when an elephant encounters a mouse. No animals were harmed in this experiment. -via YesButNoButYes

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How many "snow white mice" live in nature? I suspect that this fact alone is enough to cause most animals to react. Also, if you noticed, that in the second pass with the mouse, the elephant didn't react until the mouse began to move.

So I see two things that would need to be done to rectify the faulty experiment.

1. Replace white mouse with a natural colored (brown) mouse.

2. Use something small (mouse-sized) and white with a remote control to see how the elephants react to that.

I believe that the elephants would not react to a brown mouse & I believe they would react to anything that was not something naturally occurring in nature.
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To the guy who said it was the moving pile of crap...I just watched it on discovery and they do try it without the mouse...the elephant looks down but doesnt hesitate at all. However with the mouse it hesitated and backed off right away.
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If you believe it is simply because elephants are being cautious or courteous because it is a small animal it is defiantly not the case. There have studies and reports of elephants that are actually quite cruel to small animals. They have been know to draw in birds with small pieces of food and then crush them with their massive feet when they got close.
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