UFO over Haiti.

Speculation is that this video is viral marketing for the Cloverfield movie (also called 1-18-08), for the Halo film, or for the videogame Crysis (links go to Wikipedia). What do you think? Push play or go to YouTube. -via Viral Video Chart

Update: The secret is revealed!

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I believe in the ets!
And I talked to them, they are so friendly and lovely..
It was a huge pleasure to live with them, and the female ets are very hot and sexiest I ever met!!!


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For real who cares?? Go join a Cult! Next time a comet flies by with the mother ship in the tail all you believers do us a favor and let us know after the trip to Uranus! SlackJaw's the lot of ya!!
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I believe those who are trying to debunk this are part of the on-going conspiracy to cover up all traces leading to the discovery of ET's among us...the gov't cannot chance losing control of its constiuents when they panic and run amock with fear and dread...
I for one have seen a UFO (1973) up CLOSE (within a few feet of my bedroom window). I believe there are WAY more things going on than people have the GUTS to face and/or admit...that's why all you nay sayers are so adamantly defending your denial of "their" existence!!
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It is indeed a film promotion. From Snopes:
"They're digital creations which, according to the LA Times, were put together by someone identified as "Barzolff" in connection with a feature film project."

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