The Ugliest Man in the World

Emil Kacic, a wealthy Croatian lawyer, realized that he must be the ugliest man in the world when he racked up 5,000 marriage proposal rejections!

Croatian lawyer, Emil Kacic, who has logged all the failures in a little black book, said: "Money can't buy you love, at least if you have a face like mine."

After placing adverts in local papers stressing his wealth with words like "tender and rich lawyer looks for a pretty lady to marry" and then "disgustingly rich lawyer looks for a pretty lady to marry", he was still unable to find a wife.

He said: "I've got to the point where I have even been asking women I am meeting in the streets to marry me, but they always say no."

Kacic, from Zagreb, said he had now accepted that he must be the ugliest man in the world.

Link - via Presurfer

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he is an older gentleman but i wouldnt not call him ugly and i wouldnt call him a jerk or desperate either. he is an older man that wants a woman to spend the rest of his life with and whats so desperate about that... every normal person does want that. maybe he just doesnt know when the right time to ask a woman to marry him is? i think he should take his mind off of women for a while because when you look for something you will never find it but if you take some time for yourself and go and have fun it will find you. i would know im 21 have two kids with the same father and still with him.. our 4th anniversary is in a couple months and i couldnt be happier.
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Yeah you are ugly, but looks are not everything. Maybe you are boring or whatever you are doing because it's not your looks because that can be looked over.
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