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No you're right, I did not think of the plastics I use. Which are mainly just electronics. Most of my containers for food are glass and I don't drink bottled water, the concept has always confused me. The drinking water here is just fine. I'm sorry if you thought I was on a 'high horse'. I was being truthful. America is a huge consumer of oil and most of it is avoidable.

And you're right, being a bit revolutionary never got anyone anywhere. Like dumping a fortune's worth of tea into a harbor.
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Well since the American government is controlled mostly by the top dollar.... Going to go out on a limb here and say that most of the complainers at this are Americans. ;)

And yes, it's pretty easy to not rely on oil, in fact most countries don't heavily rely on it. Not like America which is by faaaar the biggest consumer of oil on the planet. Topping even (what people consider a highly polluted country) China. But Americans love their big cars and trucks, the out of season fruit and veg shipped from south of the border to Maine. There's also a stigma in America that you only ride public transport if you're poor and that small economy, gas saving cars, are unsafe and break easily. Did you know that the US consumed more oil than China, Russia, and India combined in 2009?

It's easy to keep up your bad habits, much harder to change them.

So yes, I certainly could, and do, live my every day life without fossil fuels and rarely use anything that requires it, actually. Not because I'm a snob, it's just my normal way of living. But then, I don't live in America.

Lucy Lawless is still hot, still making TV shows, so still relevant. She can take over my boat.
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It took me awhile to realize who Ariel was, her face seems really weird to me. It's very cute and I agree I never thought the Disney Princesses were that bad as far as role models go. I always loved Belle as a kid because she was different, bookish, and brave (all things I thought I was myself, hah) Back to Ariel, her right shoulder freaks me out and the draping of the fabric on her left arm is completely impossible unless there's a hole in the back of the cape that her arm is sticking through. ;)
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Think the title should be changed to just, "Cool Tauntaun Costume"? ;) Maybe Mr. Santos is a little obsessed with the thought of furries and seeing them everywhere... :o

That said, on the furry thing, I would say that 90% of furries are people who just identify more with the cartoon subculture of it than are sexual deviants (and some do feel a spiritual connection to an animal, think Native American). They enjoy the act of dressing up and having a different persona to play out (you know, just like cosplay). These suits they make take a lot of manpower, time, and money. Cleaning and maintenance can be difficult and who wants to ruin their suits with acts that you think they're doing. They definitely don't.

Back to the costume... That is really well done and that person is obviously quite talented. :)
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I was going to link that as well. A very good talk.

I guess next time if any lambs are ill maybe they'll wait to castrate them with their teeth. :o
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I remember seeing the strangerphotos quite some time ago and thinking it was a fun and cute project. I find it unfortunate this girl has made a money making kickstarter project out of it without even attributing the original idea. :(
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I really don't understand who in their right mind would think that learning another language would be a hindrance in any way. I could be wrong but I thought that learning another language (especially the Romance Languages when you already speak English)were considered to be helpful because of all the Latin roots in English. But maybe I'm just a crazy liberal who is trying to bring America down. ;)
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Unfortunately this article is glossing over the fact that the older gentleman had refused to give up his license and caused the accident. He'd even been pending having his license revoked. There was also a couple in the other car and both were hospitalized, one with a broken neck and internal bleeding. It seems that most articles are removing the more unpleasant bits of the story.

It is sweet that they were together so long and were able to 'go out' together. Not so sweet the whys and hows. :(
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KidPresentable, are you a troll? Where does it say he sat on her chest and beat her face with a stick for two hours?

I'd say I disagree with the apparent punching with a stick? The article says that happened before the duel. But she wore padding and armor for the fighting bit. I see this as no worse than a good spanking. Only as a step father to a teenage girl he couldn't just give her a spanking so he did the next best thing. Personally I think kids are walking all over adults anymore. Get in trouble for spanking your kids... I was spanked with a belt if I disobeyed or talked back to an adult. But now all you see are thuggy little kids with no respect. Bring back the paddle. :P
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Well, I've actually never heard anyone ask for a scotch honestly, and in my adolescence just assumed it was a different type of alcohol altogether. :) However when I asked the man in the Whisky Experience in Edinburgh about it, that's what he told me. He sounded so intelligent, I'm inclined to believe him! ;) My husband is from Scotland, but he's no help in the matter as he hates whisky. :(
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I know quite a few people with e-readers and I myself have an iPad that I occasionally read books on. But everyone I know who has an e-reader are pretty avid travelers and use it as a space saver instead of having to pack their luggage or carry-on with books. These people also have packed bookshelves filled with books, not knickknacks. I personally prefer a book in my hands, often just for simple reasons like I enjoy the feeling of turning pages and the smell of a book. I also don't have to worry if I doze off while reading, will my e-reader fall on the floor, or that I can take a paperback into the bathroom and enjoy a long bath.

Now I buy books on the iPad so that I don't have to go into the city on a long train ride to the only bookstore nearby that sells books in English. However I always plan on buying the hardcopy of a book if I really enjoy it, just because I like having the actual book around. But maybe that's just me being an old lady in her early 30s. Stuck in her ways...
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He also did not get permission to take pictures of these people and then put them up on the internet. That just smacks of creepy to me. What about model release forms to use these people in his 'exhibit'? I guess I'm less upset about the computer fraud than the privacy violation.
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