Parent Made Teenage Daughter Fight with Sword and Armor as Medieval Punishment

Did your teenage child go to a party without your permission? Send her to her room ... to fetch the armor, then make her fight you with a wooden sword as her (medieval) punishment!

That's what one Seattle, Washington, father did:

According to police, the teen was forced her to dress in armor and fight Fremon Seay with a wooden sword for two hours. Police also said Seay punched and beat his stepdaughter with a tree branch prior to the duel. Investigators said she collapsed from exhaustion.

The couple told officers they punished the teen for going to a party without their permission.

Investigators learned the couple is part of a group of Renaissance enthusiasts, who recreate fights from the medieval era.

Officers said the parents told them it was their right to discipline their child however they see fit.

Child abuse or effective use of medieval-style punishment for today's rebellious youth?


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Kids today need a good beating - it might knock some sense into them. I say that if an asshat kid is mouthing off and threatening a teacher for example, that the adult should have the right to use force to subdue the said asshat. When I was a teen in school in the 80s, you could be damn sure that we were kept under control when it came to us getting physical with each other or the adults. There was no way in hell I would have stepped up to a teacher back then because I would have had my ass handed to me (rightfully so), and to make matters worse, I would have got it at home afterwards!
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Is is abuse? Are you kidding? He hit her *before* he made her get the armor on. It is possible to get severely bruised even with the armor on, even if the armor is made correctly. He should be in jail.
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KidPresentable, are you a troll? Where does it say he sat on her chest and beat her face with a stick for two hours?

I'd say I disagree with the apparent punching with a stick? The article says that happened before the duel. But she wore padding and armor for the fighting bit. I see this as no worse than a good spanking. Only as a step father to a teenage girl he couldn't just give her a spanking so he did the next best thing. Personally I think kids are walking all over adults anymore. Get in trouble for spanking your kids... I was spanked with a belt if I disobeyed or talked back to an adult. But now all you see are thuggy little kids with no respect. Bring back the paddle. :P
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