Whiskey Vending Machine

Ah, the good ol' days. Actually, they're probably called that because the whiskey (or "whisky" for all you purists) made you forget all the bad parts ... The Whisky Vending Machine, which mixes whiskey and soda, above was shown at the Second Automatic Vending Exhibition in London, 1960.

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All of this arguing over what it is called or how to spell it, and nobody bothered to point out that it is a travesty to drink whisky, scotch, or bourbbon cold! Give it to me warm, and neat, please.
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I'm English, and I call it whisky.

Being a fearsome snob, like all good Englishmen, I've always viewed someone calling it "scotch" as being a pretentious ignoramus, attempting familiarity with a noble liquor and only managing to reveal their dismal lack of sophistication, who deserves only the cheap stuff and a miserable hangover.

That is all.
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Well, I've actually never heard anyone ask for a scotch honestly, and in my adolescence just assumed it was a different type of alcohol altogether. :) However when I asked the man in the Whisky Experience in Edinburgh about it, that's what he told me. He sounded so intelligent, I'm inclined to believe him! ;) My husband is from Scotland, but he's no help in the matter as he hates whisky. :(
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scotch is not a word a scotsman would ever use, nobody in scotland would ever describe themselves or their whisky as scotch.

I don't know if it's an english idiom (they certainly use it a lot)

but there is nothing like a scotsman ordering a whisky in london and being given jack daniels, and when pointing out that you didn't want a bourbon, they say .. oh why didn't you ask for scotch....
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