Furry Tauntaun Costume

Apparently nothing is sacred when it comes to Furry culture, because now they've set their sights on Star Wars with this creepy Tauntaun costume.

In other circumstances, this would be a cute mascot costume, but the thought of Furrys getting busy in this bad boy makes me want to ditch my lightsaber for good!

Link --via BuzzFeed

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You all need a sense of humor, can't you tell when somebody is joking around? Are you here for serious content, or fun content? Cause if you're here to read something serious, don't bother checking out my posts. I was joking around, but furrys obviously don't have a sense of humor. Maybe your character has one, and you have to be in costume in order for your sense of humor to exist? If that's the case, put your costume on before reading, and commenting on, articles in the future.
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Even if this was a "furry" costume (which as others have said, it doesn't seem to be fandom-specific) the immediate assumption that furries have sex in their costumes is ridiculous. Furries are no different than any other cosplayer; in fact, that's basically what fur suiting is. The main difference being that, instead of dressing up as a character from a tv show, comic, movie, or video game, you're dressing up as a character you designed (usually).

A very, VERY tiny minority of suiters would even consider "getting busy" in their suits, which not only cost thousands of dollars to custom order (since you can't just walk into a store and buy a fur suit like you can with pre-existing pop culture costumes), but they're hot and uncomfortable and difficult to clean. And almost every single fur suit maker voids their warrantees and refuses to do repairs or touch-ups on suits that have been "modified".

I know it's funny to make "furries are perverts" jokes, but come on.... Can we just appreciate that this is a sweet costume without the need to throw 2nd grade level insults at a random geeky fandom, PLEASE?
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Think the title should be changed to just, "Cool Tauntaun Costume"? ;) Maybe Mr. Santos is a little obsessed with the thought of furries and seeing them everywhere... :o

That said, on the furry thing, I would say that 90% of furries are people who just identify more with the cartoon subculture of it than are sexual deviants (and some do feel a spiritual connection to an animal, think Native American). They enjoy the act of dressing up and having a different persona to play out (you know, just like cosplay). These suits they make take a lot of manpower, time, and money. Cleaning and maintenance can be difficult and who wants to ruin their suits with acts that you think they're doing. They definitely don't.

Back to the costume... That is really well done and that person is obviously quite talented. :)
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