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There's a town in my vicinity that's labeled "Slapstick." Now I know where to send my extra banana peels, comically large boards, and banana cream pies.
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Any article like this is incomplete without mentioning Yes. Three vocalists, four guitarists, two drummers, and I-can't-even-keep-track-of-how-many keyboardists over the years, plus the whole Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe situation and the Union album and tour, where the band expanded from five to nine members and then blew apart again (only to come back in yet another form a few years later). And hey, look, Steve Howe and Geoff Downes again.
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Jeez, who the heck tuned up Jack Kennedy right before that portrait? The ham looks like it's in better shape. Also, Clinton's skull appears to be poking through his face. He should have that looked at.

Actually, the Clinton one raises a question: why hasn't anyone made a gallery of zombie president portraits? With or without cured meats?
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Sounds like Craig's got a case of the grumpies. Maybe next time, don't click on the link, and concentrate on the 99.99996% of the Internet that does not feature Improv Everywhere. I know it's hard, but you're up to the challenge, aren't you?

I think this one worked better before they all converged on Bryant Park. The stuff among the general public is always more entertaining, because people _reacting_ to weird behavior are always funnier than the weird behavior itself.
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Ew. Armond White as film prof. Now that's just cruel to the students.

(Should have gone with Siskel or Ebert anyway. Is White even on TV? Anywhere? Like maybe a show entitled "Let's All Punch Armond White In the Junk"? Because I'd watch that.)
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No way is Indiana Jones lawful. Dude's a tomb robber, for the love of Pete. You want Lawful Neutral, call Judge Dredd. If anything, Indy's Chaotic Good.

And Lawful Good is harder to peg. Aragorn? Will Kane in High Noon?
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