Presidents with Hams

You knew some presidents were hams (cough*Clinton*cough) and some no doubt ate ham, but I bet you've never seen a gallery of all the president holding hams! Click on a president (or a ham) and you'll be taken to a larger picture and interesting trivia about that president. Link -via J-Walk Blog

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Jeez, mackayles, anyone who knows me knows that Clinton is one of my favorite presidents! But even I can see that he loved the camera, and loved performing.

But I can't help making a joke every now and then.
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To Bill and dag,
I hate to rain on your parades, but let's be honest. What can an artist do that is directly "productive" to the problems of the world? Nothing, really. They can, however, practice their skills by painting our presidents (more like a quick photoshoping) in a novel way and telling everyone the history of them. Maybe you didn't notice the page long descriptions beneath each of the photos...

And mack,
"Clinton’s instinct for compromise is often linked to an unwillingness to offend others." That doesn't sound much like hating, more like praise. They did put a quote in there from a political opponent, but you kind of need other viewpoints to get the whole idea of a person.
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I'm more offended at the writer of the caption. I thought neatorama had decided a long time ago that they were going to stay out of politics. The subject isn't offensive but the obvious Clinton hating goes against something they said they weren't going to do. It's cool if you don't like him but my respect for Neatorama has gone down a lot because I think they hired new people who might be idiots.
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Bill, in the words of the liberal..."America needs more weirdoes"

I agree with you, hate to be a buzzkill but come something productive, like tell a child about our true history, not the marxist glorifying that is taking place from the left.
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