10 More Geeky Love Songs

Last year, John Farrier wrote a great Neatogeek post about geeky love songs. While the twelve listed were great, there were still plenty more great geek ballads out there. Here are ten more love songs sure to get your nerd juices flowing.

1) Thomas Dolby: She Blinded Me With Science

How is it nerdy? This is the song that inspired me to write this list. It’s an ultimate geek love song in that a woman is able to seduce her love interest not through her looks but through chemistry and other scientific fields. Choice lyrics: It's poetry in motion/And now she's making love to me/The spheres are in commotion/The elements in harmony/She blinded me with science/"She blinded me with science!"/And hit me with technology Video:

Video link

2) Marshall Gray: Critical Hit On My Heart

How is it nerdy? It might just be impossible to write a romantic song with more Dungeons and Dragons references. Choice lyrics: I picked up spell resistance from the enchanted school/So I could bend up all these magic pretences/And though always use it as a general rule /This time I'm lowering all my defences Video: There’s no official video for the song, but here’s a YouTube video with the song.

Video link

3) Mc Chris: Nerd Girl

How is it nerdy? MC Chris is one of the biggest stars of the nerdcore hip hop scene and this serenade to a nerd shows just how geeky he can be, even when discussing matters of the heart. Choice lyrics: She's romantic, known to panic/With anxiety attacks/Literary, it's so scary/Reading Brontes back to back/She's playing Ragnarok on her mom's Magnavox/She's underneath my skin like a million nanobots Video:

Video link

4) Bad Religion: I Love My Computer

How is it nerdy? It’s not even about a girl, it really is about loving a computer and how the computer is far better than a real girlfriend. Choice lyrics: I've never been quite so happy/all I need to do is click on you/and we'll be joined/in the most soul-less way/and we'll never/ever ruin each other's day


Video link

5) The Aquabats: Martian Girl

How is it nerdy? It takes all the silly scifi conventions about aliens and turns them into a love song about a green-skinned girl in a silver bikini. Of course, their love was not meant to be because after kissing the narrator and drawing blood with her razor sharp teeth, she flies away. Choice lyrics: She's not a bird/She's not a plane/She's got green blood/Pumping through her veins. Video:

Video link

6) Logan Whitehurst: Calculator Love

How is it nerdy? Aside from the bizarro chipmunk-sounding vocals, the lyrics revolve around solving math problems together using a brand new calculator. Choice lyrics: If you really love me darling, count it up and see/And we can solve our problems with some trigonometry Video: I couldn’t find any videos featuring the song, but if you want to check it out, here’s a link to the MP3.

7) Freezepop: Science Genius Girl

How is it nerdy? The song is about a girl who’s great at science and wants to clone a human being to be both her boyfriend and bandmate. Choice lyrics: Measure out the chemicals/safety goggles on my eyes/turn the bunsen burner on/my creation comes alive Video:

Video link

8) Your Favorite Martian: Zombie Love Song

How is it nerdy? Geeks love zombies, so what's more apt than a love song from the zombie's point of view. Choice lyrics: I knew you'd be surprised. You can bet that I/May not be alive, but I sure as hell ain't dead inside./What's with the shotty? I ain't wishing you harm./You see, I'd try to hold your hand but I'm missing an arm. Video:

Video link

9) The Klein Four Group: Finite Simple Group

How is it nerdy? It's all about math and is performed and written by students of  Northwestern University's Mathematics Department. Choice lyrics: I’m not the smoothest operator in my class/But we’re a mirror pair, me and you/So let’s apply forgetful functors to the past/And be a finite simple group, a finite simple group/Let’s be a finite simple group of order two Video:

Video link

10) Mouldy Peaches: Anyone Else But You

How is it nerdy? Aside from being the official theme for the movie Juno, the lyrics are decidedly dorky, particularly the line listing off the Contra Code. Choice lyrics: Up up down down left right left right B A start/Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart/I don't see what anyone can see/in anyone else but you Video: There is no official video for the song, but here’s the audio with the lyrics.

Video link Have any more to add? Share your favorites in the comments.

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MC Frontalot's "It is Pitch Dark" A tribute to the old school Zork text adventure games

And all respect to MC Chris, but the Front coined the term "Nerdcore Hip Hop." He didn't start the sound, but he gave it a name.
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