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This chart shows the moral alignments of nine pop culture characters using the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system. Rorschach as Chaotic Good? I think that Chaotic Neutral is more likely. And Neutral Good for John Locke at best.

Top row, left to right: John Locke of Lost, Dwight from Sin City, Rorschach of Watchmen.
Middle row: Indiana Jones, Niko Bellic of Grand Theft Auto 4, Tyler Durden of Fight Club.
Bottom row: Darth Vader, Anton Chigurh of No Country for Old Men, and the Joker.

I'm not sure who's responsible for this chart -- it's been floating around the net. I'll edit with a photocredit when someone claims responsibility.

via Popped Culture | Explanation of Alignment System

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Vote for "Lawful Evil":
William 'Bill' Munny (Clint Eastwood in the Unforgiven) - remember, Evil is just a state of mind when vengence takes over...

Also I'd shift Vader over to "Neutral Evil" - dude doesn't quite make it at the end of the 'Jedi.
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Okay time to show my nerdinss. The list is mostly good but there is two problems, Indian and Rorschach need to be switched.
First Rorschach:
He is not good. He murders freely and feels no empathy.He has no mercy and cares little for other people. He will use what ever means necessary weather they be good or evil. He is lawful not because he follows the law but he has his own rigid code that he follows dogmatically. In the player's hand book 3.5 Lawful neutral can either be a judge of other laws or your own as long as you stick to it rigidly.
Second Indie:
Jones is chaotic good. He lives his life as a free spirit outside of normal laws yet he still does good. This is the definition of Chaotic good in the PHB 3.5. He helps people and tries to do right but he does not listen to what to the normal legal system.

But other than that it was great list and a difference of opinion is expected.
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Rorschach is Lawful. He's a caricature of the dangers of lawful good; he has his own rules and will follow them no matter what the consequences. The laws that he follows just doesn't happen to be the ones voted in by legislatures.
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Rorschach should stay where he is. He says "Evil MUST be punished". He spent his whole life fighting crime and even killing criminals. Hell man, he calls his mask his real face because he doesn't want to be associated with other "humans".
He was killed because he wouldn't stand that the worlds peace be built on a lie.
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Anton Chigurh is to me a True Neutral. Laws and morality do not matter to him, which strip him of both lawful and good. He's not irrational, illogical, nor born of passion, which strips him of chaotic. As far as evil is concerned he never did anything blatantly evil that was without purpose. He killed only those who he was paid to kill or those who threatened his mission. As he said when he whacked the wife at the end, the husband made the choice to gamble with her life and lost, and he gave her the opportunity to gamble and win it back, so the motive wasn't born of malice or hatred. She refused to take her chance to change her outcome and so the previous outcome stood.
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