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How do you know what is going on in the hamsters head? You don't. That aside, any loud sound coming from silence would scare anything, fearing for your life has nothing to do with it. My dog jumps at loud sounds all the time, do you believe him to be sentient like a human?
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No, no he shouldn't. It's stupid crap like this that makes Doctors weary of working on people in the first place. It's why many people have a hard time find Doctors to perform risky operations because they're afraid of being "punished" for failure. If I was the judge in that situation, I would have looked at the woman and told her, "Maybe next time you'll use protection, won't you?" and clear the man of any legal responsibility.
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Low income housing brings in the welfare leeches, and we all know who the majority is within that populace. This is how once praiseworthy towns have turned into gang infested and drug saturated ghettos.
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No discernible difference? Tell me then, if I were to hand you a pair of pants and a set of underwear, would you be able to differentiate between them?
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I stand by what I said. If you were my kid, it wouldn't change anything. I'd just take money out of your Christmas fund to pay for the medical bills associated with your rebellious attitude. I'd make sure I'd tell you that too, so you would understand why Santa didn't bring you presents.

People were much more harsh in the past, but did you see kids running around shooting their parents all the time? No. You seem to think I'm talking about being abusive, I'm not. There's a fine balance between love and pain.

"...because using that gun is just too much of a threatening, horrible scare tactic."

The kid doesn't care by what means he destroyed the laptop (gun, car, hammer, gravity, etc), the only thing it sees or cares about is the fact that its laptop is gone.
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This thread is proof of how low parenting has fallen, and how invasive the government is with it's citizens lives. Just 30 years ago you could whip your child with a belt and not have to worry. Now? Belt your child as punishment...and you'll be thrown in jail for "abuse." Youtube video? Well now you have to deal with the ignoramus masses lashing out at you about how "real" parents would have handled it.

Only the younger generations would think this is "over the top," "unfortunate parenting," or "childish."

Talking with, grounding, and taking things away only goes so far when dealing with your children. Sometimes they need pain to get the point. Children learn through pain, it's a fact.
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