Spanish Doctor on the Hook to Pay for Child's Upkeep After Failed Abortion

The courts have ordered a Spanish doctor to pay for upkeep of a child after a failed abortion:

In a unique case, a court in Palma de Mallorca ordered the unnamed doctor to pay almost €1,000 (£800) a month in maintenance for the child until he reaches his 25th birthday. [...]

The boy was born in October 2010, six months after his mother had gone for an abortion at the city's Emece clinic. The operation had been performed when the mother was almost seven weeks pregnant. The doctor told her two weeks later that a scan proved she was no longer pregnant. [...]

A fresh scan revealed, however, that this was the same pregnancy. She was already into her sixth month and past the 22-week limit for abortions in Spain. "I sought advice and was told that it would be a crime to abort at that stage," she said.


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I'm sorry if anyone is offended, but females make me sick. No concern what-so-ever for the child. Obviously if they said they could abort it, she wouldn't have had it killed. Selfish cow. Again, females make me sick. And yes, I am a female.
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It would make more sense to have the Dr pay for medical bills and pregnancy costs. She could then give the child up for adoption or keep it at her expense.
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A doctor is found to be negligent and is rightly punished for the consequences of his negligence. The penalty seems fair, given that the doctor's actions directly led to the birth of the child, which is causing financial hardship for the mother - he should pay a share of that child's upbringing.
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No, no he shouldn't. It's stupid crap like this that makes Doctors weary of working on people in the first place. It's why many people have a hard time find Doctors to perform risky operations because they're afraid of being "punished" for failure. If I was the judge in that situation, I would have looked at the woman and told her, "Maybe next time you'll use protection, won't you?" and clear the man of any legal responsibility.
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