5 Nazi Plans That Prove They Were Dumber Than You Think

As much chaos and grief as Adolph Hitler gave Europe, his aspirations were much, much worse. Luckily, not all those plans turn out the way he wanted. Some were never implemented, for god reason. And others, like the V-weapons program, did not live up to the specifications.
It's hard to read about the V-weapons program without picturing an Aryan version of Wile E. Coyote engineering the whole thing behind the scenes. Especially when rockets routinely failed for such hilarious reasons as "too steep," "fell on airport" and "steam generator misbehaved." According to one disgruntled engineer whose V-2 exploded only three seconds after ignition, "We just blew a million marks in order to guess what could have been reported accurately by an instrument probably worth the price of a small motorcycle."

Of the nearly 6,000 V-2 rockets constructed, only 3,170 were actually launched. Of the 1,403 lobbed at England, nearly 300 somehow missed. And we mean they missed England, a 50,000-square-mile target. The V-2s aimed at London fared no better, with only 517 hits out of 1,359 attempts. It seems like you could consistently do better with huge, cartoonish catapults.

The plans that were abandoned were even more ridiculous. Read about them all at Cracked. Link

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The V-2 rocket is a symbol of how "dumb" these people were? Despite that it is 95% of the basis of the technology that enabled mankind to walk not he moon? Despite that the man the US put in charge of putting an American on the moon was the "nazi" in charge of the V-2 rocket? Its experimental failures, not unlike NASA's multiple recent failures in its Mars programs, prove that these people were "dumb?" Is that why the V-2 is conspicuously absent from any published timeline of mankind's interaction with space, despite that the V-2 is the first object mankind put into space?

The idea that Germany's National Socialists, a party independently verifiably elected with more popular support than modern history has ever seen, and by the best educated, most multi-lingual population ever, were /dumb/ is not exactly a surprising sentiment to emerge from a Jewish media organ like Cracked (which, together with MAD is admittedly to be thanked for much of my own early-childhood humor). But it's hard not to feel embarrassed for G-D's self-chosen people as they delude themselves with such self-evidently foolish nonsense as this. Reconciling faith with reality is difficult enough when one's holiest texts don't declare all other peoples, including the nation with the highest average IQ (Germany) as sub-human ("goyim").

Do the "dumb" Nazis include Martin Heidegger, arguably the 20th century's most important philosopher, whose private correspondence recently proved to be the fanatical National Socialist and Hitler supporter he portrayed himself as while a member of the NSDAP throughout the war?

Do the "dumb" Nazis include Norwegian Nobel Laureate Knut Hamsun, who risked his life to issue an obituary for the Platonic self-styled 'philosopher king' Adolf Hitler?

Do the "dumb" Nazis include the fanatic National Socialist Horten brothers, whom Northrup Gruman and National Geographic recently proved to have invented and 100% successfully materialized the stealth aircraft technology the US didn't understand until three decades later?

I mean, this is just too easy, and you guys are asking to be ridiculed. One could go on and on and on, comparing the modern Zionist state with Hitler's Germany, its fraudulent heroes (such as Einstein) to the titans of every field from poetry to physics, forgotten by an essentially totally Jewish-owned western media and essentially totally Jewish-dominated western academia because and only because they were "nazis." The reality is that the landslide majority of objectionable, incorrect, or "dumb" sentiments attributed to the "nazis" by Jewish media are sentiments they never held, much less declaimed. They never defined "Aryan" as blonde-hair/blue-eyes, and 'Herrenvolk' does not translate as "master race." 95% of what the public knows about the third reich is a fraudulent straw man propaganda product, and it continues with ever greater fervor to this day, because there are literally trillions of dollars at stake in preserving the unique critical immunity of the incomparably aggressive and incomparably deceptive, nuclear-armed tribe that emerged from the war (that it arguably started) as essentially the ruling class of the western world.

It is MEDIA control, from New York Times and Viacom down to Cracked.com that, over 60 years, makes the difference between kindergardeners from Berlin to Auckland being mandatorily brainwashed about non-existent gas chambers and any educated adult having ever heard of Lazar Kaganovich, the 20th century's greatest mass-murderer.

They don't call it 'chutzpah' for nothing.
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