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Life isn't fair, get over it.

You don't like the smell? It gives you migraines? Well your ugly fat lard of a face makes me throw up. So should we force you to get plastic surgery or wear a paper bag?
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I was just about to comment something around the lines of, "Just wait for all the 'hard core' fans to start flaming this as if they know what's better for the movies," but you beat me to it!

I think it's awesome and so do a lot of other people. The few self-glorifying and nit picky internet whiners won't ruin it for me.
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The SAT and ACT tests are pointless anyways. They don't test your ability to learn or do well in college at all. They test your ability of how much of the pointless crap fed to you through 7-10th grade that you can remember.
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It's his creation, he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. So what if he replaced the ghost? Why are you so bent out of shape for such a stupid reason? Get over it. You act like he decided to blow up Yavin IV and kill of the Republic.
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I would love to see episodes VII, VIII, and IX. George is a fine director, and all the whining people do over his 'changes' and 'botched' prequels and sequels is unwarranted. People just go with the crowd and the whole "originals are better" BS rather than see them for what they are - awesome movies.

People like to hate on the prequels; take every little pointless detail and over analyze it. The guy above me is a great example.
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Definitely the best decade to grow up in (early 2000s too). Best TV shows, best video games, best music...

Now you get stupid shows about teens having sex, rushed video games full of glitches, and crappy auto-tuned music.

Sure, you have the occasional golden ticket, but they're far and in between compared to the 90's.
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