Would You Want George Lucas to Keep Making Star Wars Movies?

It's not such a simple question, considering the history of the movie franchise. Are bad Star Wars movies better than no Star Wars movies?
All of these questions are very much tied together. We all want MORE Star Wars movies, I think that’s not really up for debate for fans. But we want them to be GOOD, and recently that would seem to mean wrestling complete creative control away from George Lucas, something it’s clear he shouldn’t have. The first three Star Wars films were a collaborative effort between many, many people, but now? Lucas is supreme overlord of the property, and the new trilogy was him from start to finish. If the same rules applied to new movies, would you even want him to make them?

The debate at Unreality magazine has commenters pouring out their feelings. Link

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Just my opinion: I think George had a mentor, someone holding his hand through the first couple of movies. They were brilliant and like older classic movies... and that disappeared when he took the reins on his own.

Irvin Kershner certainly made the best one and Lucas needs to quietly step away and let someone else pick up the ball....
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George should do what he does now, keep "improving" the original until Tatooeen is covered in CGI critters that make no sense for a desert climate, the ghost of Irvin Kershner (with his middle fingers extended) joins the crowd of spectres at the end, and Alderran shoots first.
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It's his creation, he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. So what if he replaced the ghost? Why are you so bent out of shape for such a stupid reason? Get over it. You act like he decided to blow up Yavin IV and kill of the Republic.
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I would love to see episodes VII, VIII, and IX. George is a fine director, and all the whining people do over his 'changes' and 'botched' prequels and sequels is unwarranted. People just go with the crowd and the whole "originals are better" BS rather than see them for what they are - awesome movies.

People like to hate on the prequels; take every little pointless detail and over analyze it. The guy above me is a great example.
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