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Would You Want George Lucas to Keep Making Star Wars Movies?

It's not such a simple question, considering the history of the movie franchise. Are bad Star Wars movies better than no Star Wars movies?
All of these questions are very much tied together. We all want MORE Star Wars movies, I think that’s not really up for debate for fans. But we want them to be GOOD, and recently that would seem to mean wrestling complete creative control away from George Lucas, something it’s clear he shouldn’t have. The first three Star Wars films were a collaborative effort between many, many people, but now? Lucas is supreme overlord of the property, and the new trilogy was him from start to finish. If the same rules applied to new movies, would you even want him to make them?

The debate at Unreality magazine has commenters pouring out their feelings. Link

This comment section seems hard to add to... Maybe George still has some powers. Not in Cinema though. He's still a 13 YO boy and hasn't bothered to develop his talent. Shame. So much potential. He's like harry Potter without a wand. Very sad. More cash than cache.
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no not george lucas.... but i would be open to the idea of him letting other people make star wars movies and just act in a Producing role.
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George Lucas is owned by Hasbro and video game companies now. Any new Star Wars movie he makes now would have several frivilous characters and ships added to boost the number of toys they churn out. The movie would also be loaded with various scenes that are added just so they can translate to levels of game play for Playstation or XBox.

Star Wars: A New Hope, was made without concerns like these. Yes, the franchise rights made a ton of money but the movie was made without having to create special characters or scenes that would lead to more toys or video games. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back started to see this kind of treatment but it was still minor. George Lucas had a bit more money to make this film as well. I believe this is one reason why Empire Strikes Back is generally accepted as the best of the movies. Then Return of the Jedi brought us Ewoks. The dark side won.
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The secret to enjoying the last three Star Wars movies is to be eight years old again. Give the guy, give the GENIUS a break. Make yer own movies you ungrateful swine!
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The first movie, when it hit the theaters in 1977 was something fresh and new. Guess what folks: Star Wars was originally ONE movie-- the "Episode " was a nod to the old movie serials.

Then they had to create a sequel, which was OK.
Then to milk money off the rising Star Wars cult, came more "episodes" sequels and prequels which supposedly were some sort of rumored nine part saga.

It is an industry. And it has been milked dry.
Time to let it die.
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the other day, i read an interview with steven spielberg. he said he was the one that had the idea for indy in the refrigerator, but that everyone assumed it was lucas' idea.
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Duncan Jones, Christopher Nolan, or guillermo del toro would be great choices.

If Lucas was the ONLY way, then I would be ok with it. But those last 3 movies were horrible.
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The prequels weren't horrible. They were uneven, and parts of them were weak. But parts of them were brilliant, and there was brilliant craftsmanship throughout. There were a lot of subtle touches, too, that people don't appreciate, like the slow steady way that Palpatine gathers power and outmaneuvers his enemies. The structure of them is sound and well thought-out. Most of the missteps are on surface details.

Really, what Lucas needs are creative partners who can tell him when he's screwing up, and shore up his weaknesses as a writer and director.
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As a producer and broad story writer I would be ok with it. As a screenplay writer and/or director not at all.

In A New Hope Lucas was still young and would take advise from several of the actors and others involved in the filming. Empire had the least Lucas involvement (and is the best of the series). Return had Lucas return to more hands on with more screenplay work (this shows). Then 3 prequels all had teams of 'yes men/women' to help blow up Lucas's head.

I knew the the prequels were poorly done but after watching these reviews of them I didn't really realize how poorly they were:
(These are NOT safe for kids and they are very long but FAR better than the films)
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No, he shouldn't make any more Star Wars movies. The prequels were awful and his changes to the original trilogy were needlessly antagonistic to fans and common sense.

And why would he make more movies? He still hasn't made a profit from the original trilogy. At least, that's his justification for not paying David Prowse.
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>> We all want MORE Star Wars movies, I think that’s not really up for debate for fans.

HOLD ON. I strongly disagree with this premise. It's childish. I have some favorite movies, but that doesn't mean I want an endless series of movies mimicking that one favorite movie, that just does not make any sense. At least not to me it doesn't.

So the whole discussion is mindless to begin with.

(To me this is a total no brainer, never the less I feel like such a troll considering this is about the holiest of holy -kneel down and pray- "geek" franchises.)
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I said it in the 80's, he should just have made the first three films and then left it alone. He has ruined the films in my opinion. Sorry George, but you have lost the plot.
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I believe Lucas once said the movies were made for 12 year old boys. If you don't like the prequels you can ignore them, and still like the originals. But think, did you not like the prequels just because you did not like them as much as the originals, or were they still good movies? I have a hard time finding new movies that I would like now, and would welcome new Star Wars, even if they did not measure up to the first three, or two for some!
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The prequels were awful because of particular scenes that were so mind bendingly bad that the entire film was tainted.

If you cut these out, the prequels were actually pretty good. What Lucas needs on his staff is someone to say "NO" to Lucas when he comes up with a daft scene or idea.

I adored the first half of Sith - that was brilliant. Then its just like someone flipped a switch over and the film went from great to wtf? in five minutes.
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Mark V said "If you don't like the prequels you can ignore them, and still like the originals."

Actually, this is getting harder to do. Lucas has started taking things from the prequels and adding them to the originals for no apparent reason.

I caught Return of the Jedi on TV the other day and Lucas has changed the ghost of Anakin into the ghost of pre-Darth Vader Anakin as played by Hayden Christensen. It was completely unexpected and resulted in some loud yelling and cursing on my part. Will he dare go further and change Obi Wan's ghost of Alec Guinness into Ewan McGregor or does he have enough sense to leave it alone? I believe that since we clearly cannot answer this question with any certainty, someone needs to tell him to stop for good.
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Yeah, the Hayden ghost was pretty funny. Annakin as a child - sucked balls. Obvious video game tie-ins. Childish situations. Weak plot. Total destruction of the charm of the Force, turning its mystic aura into scientific mumbo-jumbo. Plus now it's exclusive, for members only.

Robots that are only there for comic relief - seriously, battle robots that are THAT incompetent? - and therefore not to be taken seriously through any of the first three movies.

Jar-Jar Binks? Nuff said.

8-yr-old boy blows up space ship? puh-lease. Strained and cliché.

Episode 2 - Annakin shows all the acting range of Ashton Kutcher. Incomprehensible plot - just kinda there to give Hayden a showcase for his incredible acting abilities. Arena scene - strained and clichéd.

Episode 3 - Annakin goes from bad boy to merciless childkiller in a heartbeat. Maybe if Luke saw that, he'd think twice about daddy having SOME good left in him. I liked the fight scenes. His first breath in the mask was excellent, but then he had to emote about Padmé - probably the most hilarious scene of James Earl Jones' voiceover career.

Sure, let him make more movies. It would be interesting to see what bizarre excesses he could get up to.
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I would love to see episodes VII, VIII, and IX. George is a fine director, and all the whining people do over his 'changes' and 'botched' prequels and sequels is unwarranted. People just go with the crowd and the whole "originals are better" BS rather than see them for what they are - awesome movies.

People like to hate on the prequels; take every little pointless detail and over analyze it. The guy above me is a great example.
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It's his creation, he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. So what if he replaced the ghost? Why are you so bent out of shape for such a stupid reason? Get over it. You act like he decided to blow up Yavin IV and kill of the Republic.
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George should do what he does now, keep "improving" the original until Tatooeen is covered in CGI critters that make no sense for a desert climate, the ghost of Irvin Kershner (with his middle fingers extended) joins the crowd of spectres at the end, and Alderran shoots first.
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Just my opinion: I think George had a mentor, someone holding his hand through the first couple of movies. They were brilliant and like older classic movies... and that disappeared when he took the reins on his own.

Irvin Kershner certainly made the best one and Lucas needs to quietly step away and let someone else pick up the ball....
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