Yoda And Darth Maul Battle It Out For Lipton Brisk

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Continuing the parade of "dear god, make it stop!" inducing advertising for The Phantom Menace in 3D, a new animated commercial has emerged for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea that, I must admit, is beautifully animated and very cute.

There's even a mobile app centered around the battle between Yoda and Darth Maul, which you can check out here.  Now, why do I have the feeling that these ads are going to look a whole lot better than a 3d converted version of The Phantom Menace?

--via The Mary Sue

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did anyone else notice that after the confetti spurts out in the last shot before maul slams into the vending machine, he does a back flip and falls on his face? when he gets up he sways around and trips exactly as the afro-ninja guy did from that ancient youtube classic.
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It's pretty sad when a commercial is better than the movie it's drawing from. That's how a fight with Yoda should go. Not all that crazy frog leaping he did in the prequels.
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number1guy, people know what they like. Converting a bad movie into 3D really doesn't enhance it. The real problem with Lucas going back and tweaking the movie to 3D is that he's going to stick in other changes, too. Although, I somehow doubt there will be the same uproar there was when he "improved" the original movies.
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