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Chamomile is actually good for inflammation, sour stomach/nausea, and relaxation. Good call, Neanderthals! I bet they'll find a bit of poppy here and there too.
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I simply reject the NEED to have humanoid robots. It's obvious the push is towards proxies for lovers and pets (which is utterly repulsive to me); but I can tolerate them if they're non-human work only.
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I'm not sure what it is about the country, but they have supreme artists like that. Even their handcrafted protest signage is perfectly kerned and straight...it's almost a shame they're single-purpose items.
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If this isn't a sign that the FCC needs to drop their ban on Cell jammers, I don't know what is. The problem wouldn't even exist.

I've lived in Austin since the mid90s and patronize ADH almost exclusively and I can say this little drunk toad had it coming. The lighting is on par with "normal" theaters, they warn you at least 2 times before the show starts and the server even asks you if you're new; then explains the rules and how to order if you are new. Also, they DO serve alcohol, which is part of their seemingly severe policy. They simply will not deal with a drunk who can't stfu, electronically or not.
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K Lawrence is totally on point.

Also, bodybuilders are pictured in a way to enhance their muscles and nothing else, whereas pantymodels are supposed to make the underwear look good; and you need "fullness" (artificial or not) to get that.

Unfortunately, the ones we're forced to see are roided out freaks, who DO get serious shrinkage. I assure you the strongmen types do not have that problem.
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