She Texted in a Movie Theater

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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema enforces old-fashioned theater etiquette. They have two rules: no talking during a movie, and no phone usage. After a woman was ejected from the theater for texting during a film, she left an angry voice mail. The theater promptly turned her message into a public service announcement. In discussions at the Drafthouse site, Roger Ebert's blog, SlashFilm, reddit, Fark, and Metafilter, most commenters applaud the theater for enforcing silence during films. Link (video at the site contains unedited NSFW language)

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We have reared and become generations of people tied to their devices.

Texting has become the opiate of the masses. See what it did for Congressman Weiner.
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@synikol: Do you not understand what voicemail is?

And FYI for anyone who bothers to read this far, the Drafthouse's website states that they had already warned her twice before kicking her out:

"Recently, we had a situation where a customer persisted in texting in the theater despite two warnings to stop. Our policy at that point is to eject the customer without a refund, which is exactly what went down that night."
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@synikol, that was the recorded message that the texter left on the theater voicemail.

@manticore, it's clear from the message that the complainer is lying, as she complains she was ejected for texting, then claims she was only using her phone for a flashlight, then says no other theater has tossed her for texting. She's a big ole liar.

As for the people who suggest cell phone jamming, many doctors and emergency personnel require their cellphones to be on, even on their free time. Jamming signals would interfere with this.

We used to have a couple of theaters like that, but they closed down. It was so nice to kick back, have some good food, and watch a movie in near silence.
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"Won't you sign up your name, we'd like to feel you're
acceptable, respectable, oh presentable, a vegetable!" - Supertramp, The Logical Song

"Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory?
Rip off the masks and let's see.
But that's not right - oh no, what's the story?
There's you and there's me
That can't be right" - Supertramp, Crime of the Century
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