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Yep. That's why they're jumping like mad. They did a story on invasive species on TLC and Discovery Channel. They're extremely sensitive and any noise in the water or even a small electrical current makes them jump like that. To them, it all screams "PREDATOR!" so they try to jump and get away.

Be real careful if you do go around an area where they are breeding; though not aggressive to people, a 40lbs fish jumping for freedom can still hit and bruise a full grown man.
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I refuse to watch this video as I'm leery about any piercing that isn't in the ear, so I'm going to wildly assume that its a white guy who had this grandiose idea because it's ALWAYS white guys doing idiotic things like this. Except for the Texans--they're usually getting their nuts crushed by bulls or broncos. Still insane though....
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From what I see, its just the head of a gator. If that's all, then they should have looked a little harder and asked a few questions: 'how big is it?', 'is it resting on land or floating in water?', 'when did you see it first?' and the most important question 'how long has it been there?'

Oh America, how your brains are now the size of walnuts! (except mine, mine is the size of a peach pit XP)
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