Man Hangs from Hot Air Balloon Suspended Only by His Body Piercings

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Zane Whitmore of Seattle was pierced through the flesh on his shoulder blades four times, and then hung from these piercings onto a hot air balloon. He floated around California's Long Valley Caldera for seventy-five minutes, suspended ten thousand feet over the ground:

The stunt was part of a Portland film production company's filming of a feature-length documentary called Feet Off the Ground. Planning for the hot air balloon ride took about two years.

"This balloon suspension is really the culmination of several years of immersing ourselves in the body modification and suspension communities," Matt Morgan, co-founder of film production company Precarious Egg and one of the producers of the film, said in a press release describing the project.

Link -via Boing Boing

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You need to recognize the difference if you are to understand what I am saying. I'm not doing any of this for personal gain. If gain is what I was after I wouldn't say anything. Virtually everything I say is a detriment to my self-image. That much should be obvious, no?
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I've said it before: Ryan needs some medicine for his verbal diarrhea.

How can someone hang from a balloon suspended only by his body piercings? That's a chicken vs egg thing.
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Why because they are all attention whores. They get attention this way, they are part of a club and they have rivalries. To take what I am saying seriously would undermine all of that and force them to love unconditionally and perhaps take up the torch with me and humiliate themselves in order to propagate reason in the face of the common insanity.
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You look at those comments and I make references to all kinds of thinkers; Einstein, C.S. Lewis, Kierkegaard, the Popes, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Anselm. Ibn Al-Haytham, and I tried really hard to be methodical and systematic so as not to leave too many gaps for the mind to fall into. Nevertheless, they prefer comments like "Arrogance: assuming that the? universe was specially created for you, and all your personal prejudices are shared with an omnipotent and omniscient deity." Which was not directed at me because that is obviously not what I was saying. They don't want to address me, they just want to address each other because they can laugh at each other's stupidity.
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