Police Shoot Concrete, Ornamental Alligator

After hearing reports that an alligator was loose in a suburban neighborhood, Kansas City police rushed to a home and found a concrete, ornamental alligator. Except they didn't realize that's what it was right away:

After consulting a conservation agent, who told them to kill the gator if they felt it posed a danger, one of the officers shot it twice in the head before realizing something was up, said Tom Gentry, an Independence police spokesman.

"It didn't move," Gentry said. "They inched up closer and closer and discovered it was a mock-up of a real alligator made to look like it was real."

Link via Say Uncle | Photo: AP

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yep, totall goofy, but...i think if they really just wanted to shoot it - they wouldn't have bothered to consult a conservation agent first.

people give c**p to the cops all the time...but if you need help you're still gonna dial 911.
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From what I see, its just the head of a gator. If that's all, then they should have looked a little harder and asked a few questions: 'how big is it?', 'is it resting on land or floating in water?', 'when did you see it first?' and the most important question 'how long has it been there?'

Oh America, how your brains are now the size of walnuts! (except mine, mine is the size of a peach pit XP)
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