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I just want to apologize to Miss Cellania... Had I known that this link would have inspired so much hatred and caused such a ruckus, I would have just forgotten about it and not submitted it at all.

The reasons I did submit it for, just in case any one was wondering...

1) I just found it neat that the little girl recovered and that she was home with her family this Christmas; that the mom didn't have to know what it was like losing a child. Seeing that I recently lost a loved one in a similar situation (pneumonia and making the difficult decision to turn off life support), it was a story I could relate to, even if I'm not religious or believe in Angels at all. It was GOOD to read a happy ending to a story I knew all too well.

2) I simply thought it was a feel-good article, plain and simple. Something NICE and HAPPY to read on Christmas Eve, during a time which should be about family and being loved and giving love in return. It was an article which was very hard to find that day, sadly enough.

Anyway, now I feel like a sh*tty human being for starting all of this... And yes, I've also lost a little more faith in the human race.
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Yeah you can buy bear spray at any camping supply store here in Canada. My sister used to carry a small vial of it around in her purse when she worked late at night downtown.
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You can get the regular oreos in China still, but again they're not as sweet. I used to buy a massive pack every Friday after classes and the cahier would always give me the weirdest look. Those square ones are good too though. My roomate and I went thru a box in a couple of hours when we first found them.
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Mickey Rooney always makes me cringe whenever I watch BaT. Good choice for number one.

I thought Angelina Jolie was amazing as Marianne Pearl. What made it so much more meaningful, to me, was that Marianne is good friends with Angelina and Brad and specifically asked Angie to play her and Brad to direct.

Damn, that movie was good.
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Hmm... Guess it wasn't a hotel resort after all like our taxi driver said... Funny how fast those places can turn into twisted urban legends. Thanks again MC!
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THANK YOU Miss Cellania!!!

It's been bugging me for the last month! I'm forwarding the link to my dad, too. He's gonna be wicked excited to read about it :)
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I just stayed at the pop Century Resort and didn't even know there was an extra abandoned building. Cool!

I was hoping there would be an article on another Orlando resort that was abandoned near Kissimmee. We drove past on the way to Disney one day and our tour guide said that it was a resort aimed at Chinese tourists. It's a fully complete hotel that looks like it was transported to the middle of Florida from turn of the century China. He said it opened to horrible reviews because the owners had mistakenly used a color or symbol that was seen as bad luck, so no one wanted to stay there after a while and it was too expensive to fix.

It's so eerie to see... Temples and gardens completely overgrown with bamboo and pine trees right in central Florida. I wish I knew more about it, or at least could find out more on the net...
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Apparantly, the Danvers State hospital site is the original site of the Salem Witch Trials, where they hung the accused. Might just be an urban legend though, however it is quite near where Salem is today...

Also? Session 9 is one of the creepiest movies EVER. When I watch horror movies, I usually end up laughing at them because I never get scared. Session 9 had me turn the lights on and call a friend after I watched it, I was so freaked out.
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