Did an angel save girl from dying in hospital?

Whether you believe it or not, this is a pretty neat story.
A 14-year-old girl with a history of serious health issues lay dying of pneumonia in a hospital room. But as her mother waited for the girl to take her last breath, an image of bright light appeared on a security monitor. Within an hour, the dying girl began a recovery that doctors are at a loss to explain.

But Colleen Banton, the girl's mother, has an explanation. “This was an image of an angel,” she told NBC News in a story reported Tuesday on TODAY. She credited the apparition with saving the life of her daughter Chelsea.

Link -Thanks, Cassie!

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Seriously, why can't you people just look at it and be glad that the little girl survived?

Now, I'm not going on to the "all about god" side here, but I just wanted to point out: for all of you that just said that this is all bull, why don't you come out and explain exactly how "the dying girl began a recovery that doctors are AT A LOSS TO EXPLAIN."

Yes, science helps our world, but it isn't absolutely everything.
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And just to clarify the point I am making here, JOE. You have broken 2 of your commandments in bearing false witness and lying. Statistically, areas with high concentrations of atheists have lower crime rates. After all, you are insinuating that when people do not believe as you do, they might as well kill, fornicate and otherwise act in immoral fashion. Sorry, but it's not how it works. People can be moral without religion, and your attitude is backward and quite frankly, sad. How dare you even act scandalized by those criticizing what you believe when you are no better.

CRaZZi, the first half of your screen name says it all, but there is nothing beautiful about the hate in your soul which is in direct contradiction to true Christian teachings. If I were a Christian, you would be the example I would use as to what a Christian should not act like. You are so fake up there on your high horse that it would be comical if it weren't so frightening.
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That's funny, CRaZZi. You might want to look a bit more closely at what you are trying to preach because I am sure your god wouldn't approve of your insulting others in such a hypocritical manner.

I could care less about what other people believe, personally. Have at it if it gets you through the night, but people like CRaZZi and JOE, who want to demonize people who don't believe what they do, are the reason so many turn away from religion altogether and assume that all religious people are crack pots. Look at some of the examples, after all.

And JOE, just because one is an atheist doesn't mean that they have no respect for human life or feel the need to sleep around. If anything, it's the hypocrites who try and push their beliefs on others who are guilty of such things.

And when I die, I have no desire to be anything but dead.

Furthermore, it's sad that this post became all about religion when it's really just a huge stretch of the imagination to think that the picture in question is anything of significance. It's not about religion, it's about making something out of nothing.
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well it's really very weird how you folks attack everyone that has a beleif a little bit as if he was a mad person or delusional or idiot...well for you folks that don't beleive in god or angels...i feel sorry for you because after you die you will be an animal that simply died..you know when a chicked is cut or a cow is butchered it will be the same thing for you...a dead evoluted Ape...and since we are all animals in origin according to darwin..people really let's throw all of these laws that govern us..sleep with a different girl each night...kill somebody that you dont like after all he's an animal...you know do whatever you want..after all it's only those 70 or 80 years top and you will vanish form existence....
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