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Did an angel save girl from dying in hospital?

Whether you believe it or not, this is a pretty neat story.
A 14-year-old girl with a history of serious health issues lay dying of pneumonia in a hospital room. But as her mother waited for the girl to take her last breath, an image of bright light appeared on a security monitor. Within an hour, the dying girl began a recovery that doctors are at a loss to explain.

But Colleen Banton, the girl's mother, has an explanation. “This was an image of an angel,” she told NBC News in a story reported Tuesday on TODAY. She credited the apparition with saving the life of her daughter Chelsea.

Link -Thanks, Cassie!

Don't underestimate the power of a delusional mind. Probibly the reason how the human species managed to survive for so many years. Yeah... I'm bitter. LOL.
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Wow. I don't even know what to say about the comments here. What is it that brings out the hate when topics like this come up? The Judeo/Christian connection?

Why is the miraculous so hard for some to believe? After all, Darwin's miracle of evolution is so easy for the world of "science" to believe; is that no less extraordinary than an angelic healing?
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Dave wrote, "Why is the miraculous so hard for some to believe?"

Because it's utter bullsh*t, that's why. Stop believing in every bit of ridiculous nonsense and use your brain. Seriously, Dave, what's more likely: That an actual "angel" manifested in a some random hospital and was magically caught on camera, or that it's just a common reflection?

This is just as stupid as seeing the Virgin Mary in your toast or on the back of a road sign. Get real, people. If you truly believe in this kind of nonsense then you shouldn't be allowed to vote, own a handgun, or drive a car on public roads.

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I love it how people claim that "she was saved be angels" when other people are praying over their kids who die. If this is the case then the God that people say exists willfully, consciously decides that some "innocent" children will live and some innocent children are going to die. So, if one agrees with that, one could cay that God murders children. Unless there was no angel there at all. I love Colleen's (the mother) declaration that it was an angel that saved her daughter. I'll await the proof on this or maybe "she just knows it in her heart". I'm sure that would stand up in court. Look. If you can't prove it, and you have nothing to back it up, don't declare that something is true. Your daughter recovered. Don't make up delusional explaining why. If a bunch of ants walked over her bed before she recovered, would you say that the ants (or ant god) did it?

To quote the Princess Bride: Plato. Socrates. Aristotle. Morons.
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Dave, the miraculous is so hard to believe because there is no rational reason behind it. We have professional people here who do things based on fact. There are no wizards here. Miracles created by "a" god are fiction. Wishful thinking will not change that.
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Although I'm sure people will slam me for being "moronic" or "unscientific" or "irrational", I'll go out on a limb.

Just because someone believes something different, does not make it wrong. Belief is a matter of opinion. It's down to interpretation.

Just because the mother wants to hold on the belief that her child would go to a "better place" rather than have her life and potential cut short, then it is noones place to argue.

It's Christmas guys. Be nice. Be human.
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Ok. I'll 'be nice'.

I'd like to praise the doctors for their work in saving this girl's life. And the past doctors whose work contributed to the pool of medical knowledge we have now. I'd like to thank those who didn't settle for 'will of god' as an answer, and believe they could save another's life. I praise all of those scientists who stood defiantly and dedicated their work to understanding biology when all else said they were 'playing god'. I thank those whose work led to the creation of hospitals. I honour the nurses whose tireless work made the girl feel better.

An interventionalist deity intervenes at the 11th hour, after a little girl has fallen ill and has suffered. And an angel is thanked instead of those who truly contributed?

This woman's lack of gratitude is insulting.

Merry Xmas to all of those who in this case deserved it.

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Even if I were a Christian, I would be embarrassed that another believer of my religion is not clever enough to see that. I just don't get believers who take things too literally.

And by focusing too much of the illogical 'miracle', and not focusing on many other factors that actually saved her life, this would pretty much sums up the little girl's rest of her life in this flowchart:
A. Become a devout believer after the 'miracle'
B. Thinks Mom is just over-reacting -> END
A-A. Become egotistic and self-important about how God loves her and saved her life, forces friends to believe
A-B. Find out that the miracle is not really it. Thank God to be alive. "Miracle" becomes just a funny story to chat about in the rest of her life. -> END
A-A-A. Does not understand why the angel does not come to save her from her depression one more time.
A-A-B. Thinks angel is protecting her for her whole life. Nothing bad ever happens again to her, so there is no way to prove the existence of such angel. -> END
A-A-A-A. Got really pissed off and found out the religion could not save her from her teenage problem. Ditch religion and went goth. -> END
A-A-A-B. Tries to justify the existence of the miracle by bending facts. Becomes an evangelist and brag about it all the time. -> END
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I was gonna come into this thread all cynical and anti-theist, but it turns ut I didn't need to. Thanks guys! (No, I'm being neither facetious nor sarcastic, that really made my morning)
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Wow alot of hate here. You know, maybe it was just a reflection or something. People want to beleive what they want and they get called crazy or Disalusional.
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Yikes people!
Whats wrong with this article? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Yet still enough to piss off commenters on some blog somewhere.
believe in something beyond what "is known" sometime. seriously. you'll regret it if you dont. trust me.
It's all bunk anyways-- so why not have a little faith for faiths sake?
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I looks like some people have read a few chapters of the god delusion and have come here with some choreographed bile to make some embarrassing non-points. I'd love to know how you feel this sort of ugly attitude towards other human beings differs from that of a religious fundamentalists narrow minded attitude toward atheists. Its one side of two different coins and there is no reason why either camp should pack up their bags and go home. You could stare at your hand all day and never see the bones and nerves and musculature, but that doesn't mean no-one should have bothered TRYING to 400 years ago. Do any of you really believe we know all we need to know? Merry Christmas from up my own arse, thankfully.
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I agree with the previous posters. It seems that if there is ever an article that mentions even the name of God, some people get mad and decide to make an ass out of themselves on an internet discussion.

Maybe it was just a reflection, but maybe, just maybe it wasn't. We can't be sure, and we shouldn't be flaming people just because they choose to believe it is an Angel. Some people don't need science to tell them it's true. Some people use faith. Some people, call those people stupid, delusional, or moronic.

You can state your collective opinions on the subject without acting as if those who disagree with you are idiots and deserve to be attacked. That's whats wrong with the Internet discussions it seems, nobody respects other people's opinions. They would rather resort to hate filled responses than form a smart, intelligent opinion.

To those of you who have made a smart, intelligent response without flaming, thank you. To those who haven't, please keep your thoughts to yourself.
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I've had my spinning Jenny dismantled by villagers, and I feel all naughty now. The engine's been kicked off my speedboat by a confused ogre, because he disagreed with my methods in crossing the river. There is such thing as spiritual empiricism, ask one of the millions of Buddhists NOT coming back to invent a new way to tighten the skin on a 85 year old's anus or discover a new and exiting use for plutonium.
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Whether you believe it or not (I don't and I consider myself pretty Christian), some of the comments are harsh, like the mom should die, etc. If you were in the hospital lobby with the Mom and she found out her daughter recovered and said "its an angel", could you really say this stuff to her face? I think that would take a certain kind of creulty.
I'm just glad the girl is ok, and the mom is spared the grief of a lost kid.
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This is the mother of a dying child we are talking about. She had certainly been under stress, and was more than likely not eating or sleeping well at all. With the remarkable swift recovery of her daughter, is it any wonder that her mind turned toward the miraculous?
It would certainly seem like that to her, I am sure. Grief can do funny things to people. It is certainly no reason to shoot them or take away their right to vote. Some people here need to chill out a little.
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"could you really say this stuff to her face?"

A) The comment was made in jest.
B) No, I probably couldn't say that stuff to her face considering I'd be busy laughing my ass off to even get a single word out my mouth.

Terminal people coming off life support and actually improving is not anything really uncommon. Chalking it up to the influence of some deity is just an insult to the intelligence of humanity, regardless of how limited that is. Occams razor all the way!
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Ajan - Bush tap dancing while people are getting killed for a war we didn't need and borrowed hundreds of billions for made me so angry, word don't exist that could be put in a post. And Miss C, Yep, I'm happy too that she recovered. It is just head slapping why some people must feel that the only reason she could have possibly recovered is because of angels. It's like we are promoting stupidity in this country. Oh wait, Bush tapdancing. Yep. We do promote stupidity in this country. Sheesh. I need bacon.
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The only stupid people in this country besides my next door neighbors are some of you guys. Seriously, why don't you get a grip? Why is it that every time an article like this comes up it has to be barraged by idiotic commenter's and hate filled bullshit.

It's not stupid to think angels cured this girl. It's stupid to lash out as those who do.

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No, you're right, it's not stupid to think the angels cured this girl, it's ignorant.

Like someone said, if angels really cured this girl then that proves that god is evil. Why wouldn't he save every little child that is terminally ill? There are probably (guesstimating here) a hundred children in similar situation that dies for every one that survives a similar situation. Do they not deserve to live as much, or even more, than this girl?

As said, ignorant.
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Well I'm offended by the hatred police who exhibit hatred of the hatred from the haters who hate that woman and her inalienable right to magical thinking.
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Just coming to remind everyone that this is not pareidolia. What she sees is a bright light. She interprets it as a bright light, sensibly speaking - but she inteprets it as a symbol for something else.

That is not pareidolia.
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sigh. What saddens me is not that the mother believed it was an angel (I think it's stupid, but that's a different point)....people can believe what they want (just as I can believe that this is the product of an incredibly uneducated, dogmatic, superstitious and above all, desperate mind).

But this news story quickly became about whether or not angels exist. This was a NEWS story! What the crazy is wrong with the media that they treat this like news???

The mother said in the video "either this is an angel here to take my daughter to heaven, or it's here to heal her". Yeah....those are the only two options. God forbid (so to speak) that maybe it's NOT an angel, but a trick of the light.

The skeptic in me also would like to point out that we're only treated to a single frame of the offending video, not the whole video itself. I know a thing or two about cameras and I know how poor their lenses are compared to our eyes, and how easily they can malfunction and create images that aren't there (need proof of this? take a photo of someone pointing a lit flashlight at the camera), and I guess what I'm trying to say is how important it is for people to smarten the crap up and think for 5 fucking seconds.

Oh, and stop equating the word "skeptic" with "cynic". That trick is old and meaningless.
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Again, this vibe I'm getting is that just because she believes it was an angel and that it cured her girl means she's not using her head. You know the person who reported this actually did try to rationalize this with a trick of the light.

Their conclusion wasn't that it was. Maybe it still was, but for god's sakes, people, calm the hell down and get your head out of your ass.

Stop attacking this women for believing in something you obviously don't want to understand or be respectful about.

But beyond even that, this is about the girl being cured, not the other things. It's a miracle in every sense that she didn't die.
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Like someone said, if angels really cured this girl then that proves that god is evil. Why wouldn’t he save every little child that is terminally ill? There are probably (guesstimating here) a hundred children in similar situation that dies for every one that survives a similar situation. Do they not deserve to live as much, or even more, than this girl?

^ How exactly does that prove God is evil? How is that even remotely logical?
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I don't really think this is about God at all. Whether you believe or not, to think that this is an angel is a huge stretch of the imagination.

And Athon, lovely post.
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Yes i do believe that an angel came to save her, it obviously wasn't her time. I don't do religion at any cost but since losing a close family member i and another family member have had strange things happen. Or at the very least it's a nice thought that things like that happen even if it is crap, it's comforting and i like to think that when our loved ones pass on they still watch over us.
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allen, if God has the power to save every terminally ill child on the planet why doesn't he? If you buy into the idea that God exists then you have to answer that question as well. I think it's quite obvious that he's a fickle, mean and even evil god if that's the case.

Now, God doesn't really exist so it's really a moot point, but either way.
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She's saved! It's a triumph for medicine! All praise doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, pharmacists, surgeons, hospital lab technicians and ambulance drivers! Glory be!
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Yup. This isn't about hating the mother or the daughter. It's about hating the ignorance, the gullibility, the desperation of a mother trying to rationalize how her daughter's life was saved, and coming up with the trite, banal answer: must have been an angel.

Next time her daughter falls ill, will she just keep her at home, in hopes that the angel will save her again?

The word "miracle" is bandied about so much these days, it's trivial. I saw on the news "a Christmas miracle" with a picture of some reporter and Bill Gates, and I thought "unless he's walking on water, Mr Gates is NOT performing miracles".
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Most of you that have written are definately non-believers. I am not saying that I think that an Angel appeared but only God had a hand in this. I respect the work of doctors (my own brother is one). My brother will agree with me that it is only by the grace of God that he is able to help people medically. Did anyone think that maybe God uses some people as examples of love. We have a mother that spent 14 or so years by the bedside of her ailing daughter and did not give up hope! That is love! Does anyone agree that suffering and helping others that suffer can bring you closer to God? For all those non-believers...explain how humans were made...why are we here?...What is the purpose of life?How was the world was formed?...explain DNA?...that no two snowflakes are the same??? You think you don't believe but that is impossible. Why do you think about it so much if that were the case? There is no such thing as Athiests. They call themselves this only but yet they are still so curious. That is because God dwells in all of us and quietly calling for your attention. For those that ask why God allows for young children to die. If he has prepared a place for them in Heaven and they were put on earth only to bring others closer to him would that make sense? If the world was perfect and He did not allow for any trials or suffering, would there be any Faith???? Way would there be? In a perfect world you need no Faith.
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"There is no such thing as Athiests."

And that, by far, is the most ignorant and insultive thing that has been said in this discussion thus far.

Being curious and inquisitive does not mean that you are not an atheist. I suggest that you actually look up what being an atheist is about. It's about not believing, or completely rejecting, the idea of one or many dieties. How is my inquisitive mind, my drive to find things out, proof that I am not an atheist?

"For all those non-believers…explain how humans were made…why are we here?…What is the purpose of life?How was the world was formed?…explain DNA?…that no two snowflakes are the same???"

If you didn't have your head so far up your own ass you would actually realize that science has theories for all of those things, and they all have more credibility than some wondrous being created it all some four thousand years ago.

There's actually nothing that suggests that no two snowflakes are the same. It's a saying, not a fact. If you consider how many snowflakes fall each year in the world and the average count of atoms making up each snow flake then unavioidably two snowflakes will look the same, it's just that we haven't found two that does. It's all simple math and physics.

The purpose of life does not have anything to do with religion. The purpose is getting born, reproducing and dieing. Anything else is just filler.
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Come on people, you all are some sad desperate people. You can't just be happy for a family that got this blessing? It is truly sad that you people would generate so much negative energy about such a nice story. Get a life and have some faith. Just because your lives are so miserable does not mean that you have to try to bring everyone else down with you. Maybe it was a camera malfunction, maybe it was God. Either way this little girl is still alive and that is beautiful. For all you nonbelievers, Jesus loves you.
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I do believe we are all capable of producing miracles, and some may call that God's work.

I don't believe flashing lights from the beyond are ever involved in those acts.

I believe in this. That's awesome.
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Thats your opinion, Pumpkin. Why doesn't God save everyone, why isn't the world perfect, why is the sky blue?

That doesn't make God evil. People don't always understand what God does, because it's always mysterious and not completely tailored TO our ideas or wishes.

Frankly I find most of what your saying insulting. If you are an atheist, agnostic, or flying spaghetti monster believer thats fine but that does not give you clearance to blast God just because every person who is sick isn't cured.

If every sick person in the world, including young girls were cured by just praying or expecting miracles, the world would be perfect. It's clearly not. But again, that isn't God's fault.
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This is absolutely true, there is no other explanation of how a girl could be miraculously healed when she was laying on her death bed. There is a God out there, He loves us and made us. How is that so hard to believe? How else could we get here? This world is too complex for science to just occur and make it all "happen". This is what God does, because He loves us.
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I just want to apologize to Miss Cellania... Had I known that this link would have inspired so much hatred and caused such a ruckus, I would have just forgotten about it and not submitted it at all.

The reasons I did submit it for, just in case any one was wondering...

1) I just found it neat that the little girl recovered and that she was home with her family this Christmas; that the mom didn't have to know what it was like losing a child. Seeing that I recently lost a loved one in a similar situation (pneumonia and making the difficult decision to turn off life support), it was a story I could relate to, even if I'm not religious or believe in Angels at all. It was GOOD to read a happy ending to a story I knew all too well.

2) I simply thought it was a feel-good article, plain and simple. Something NICE and HAPPY to read on Christmas Eve, during a time which should be about family and being loved and giving love in return. It was an article which was very hard to find that day, sadly enough.

Anyway, now I feel like a sh*tty human being for starting all of this... And yes, I've also lost a little more faith in the human race.
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Wow, i never knew how many miserable people read stuff like this just to critize and break down something good that actually happened. You know what instead of everyone insulting every one else with mindless ramblings how about just answering yes or no. Here let me start.

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First, I am very happy for the child and family. I wish every sad story had a happy ending like this. That said... No. An angel did not save a dying girl.

Why is it so hard for people to accept the idea that the girl recovered due to natural causes that the doctors overlooked or do not understand and that the flash of light on the monitor was a coincidence? Doesn't that sound a lot more plausible than an angel? I wish people would really stop and think about how bizarre the idea of an angel is. I doubt they would accept this story as easily if the mother was convinced that the daughter was saved by Snoopy's ghost.

And... No. I am not miserable (or hateful).
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Very funny reading all the comments, it's all quite simple really, the girl got better, angels don't exist, and we have a photo of some lights.
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Cassie, those are lovely sentiments, but surely you are familiar enough with the kind of debate that goes on here around issues of faith and science to prepare for widely disparate viewpoints on something like this. You seem legitimately disturbed by the response, but you shouldn't be. It's a pretty interesting post and a pretty interesting argument. Have some nog.

I will say, though, that neatorama commenters tend to get waaay vehement about stuff, very unironic, uncircumspect in their appraisals of controversial topics. It's weird. But amusing.
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Some of the things you guys are saying are so cruel and mean, you guys weren't there when it happened, so you don't know i hate when people try to tell someone they were lying and didn't even see what happened. Also how can someone become delusional at the same time her daughter started healing,COME ON NOW SO THAT SHE JUST SO HAPPENED TO BECOME CRAZY AT THE SAME TIME???WOW. prayer is powerful, trust me i know.I see why america is the way it is today,because of most of u assholes. seeing is believing remember that.If she was desperate for attention im pretty sure she would have came up with something much more drastic, come on guys you have to realize some people just want to testify, stop trying to bring them down.u demonistic people can just go to hell!since you people are denying him(GOD), u will be denied at the Gates when this world come to an end. GO READ A BIBLE, GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD!REMEMBER THAT
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well it's really very weird how you folks attack everyone that has a beleif a little bit as if he was a mad person or delusional or idiot...well for you folks that don't beleive in god or angels...i feel sorry for you because after you die you will be an animal that simply know when a chicked is cut or a cow is butchered it will be the same thing for you...a dead evoluted Ape...and since we are all animals in origin according to darwin..people really let's throw all of these laws that govern us..sleep with a different girl each night...kill somebody that you dont like after all he's an know do whatever you want..after all it's only those 70 or 80 years top and you will vanish form existence....
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That's funny, CRaZZi. You might want to look a bit more closely at what you are trying to preach because I am sure your god wouldn't approve of your insulting others in such a hypocritical manner.

I could care less about what other people believe, personally. Have at it if it gets you through the night, but people like CRaZZi and JOE, who want to demonize people who don't believe what they do, are the reason so many turn away from religion altogether and assume that all religious people are crack pots. Look at some of the examples, after all.

And JOE, just because one is an atheist doesn't mean that they have no respect for human life or feel the need to sleep around. If anything, it's the hypocrites who try and push their beliefs on others who are guilty of such things.

And when I die, I have no desire to be anything but dead.

Furthermore, it's sad that this post became all about religion when it's really just a huge stretch of the imagination to think that the picture in question is anything of significance. It's not about religion, it's about making something out of nothing.
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And just to clarify the point I am making here, JOE. You have broken 2 of your commandments in bearing false witness and lying. Statistically, areas with high concentrations of atheists have lower crime rates. After all, you are insinuating that when people do not believe as you do, they might as well kill, fornicate and otherwise act in immoral fashion. Sorry, but it's not how it works. People can be moral without religion, and your attitude is backward and quite frankly, sad. How dare you even act scandalized by those criticizing what you believe when you are no better.

CRaZZi, the first half of your screen name says it all, but there is nothing beautiful about the hate in your soul which is in direct contradiction to true Christian teachings. If I were a Christian, you would be the example I would use as to what a Christian should not act like. You are so fake up there on your high horse that it would be comical if it weren't so frightening.
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Seriously, why can't you people just look at it and be glad that the little girl survived?

Now, I'm not going on to the "all about god" side here, but I just wanted to point out: for all of you that just said that this is all bull, why don't you come out and explain exactly how "the dying girl began a recovery that doctors are AT A LOSS TO EXPLAIN."

Yes, science helps our world, but it isn't absolutely everything.
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