Possum Rescued From Toilet!

Miss Cellania posted about a raccoon that had to be rescued after falling into a garbage dumpster ... well, that's nothing compared to the travail this critter had to go through:

When it comes to toilets, there's a simple directional rule: everything goes downstream. When things move against the tide, then you have problems.

So as Tim Fraser was doing some laundry in his bathroom last Friday night, he became a wee bit disturbed when his toilet started spontaneously gurgling.

"I could see bubbles coming up and I thought 'what the the hell is happening?'" he said, recalling that evening.

Then he caught sight of a grey, furry head with a pair of pointy ears and saucepan eyes emerging on this side of the s-bend.

Moments later there was a half-drowned possum sitting in his Fowler toilet bowl.

"It was like the toilet had given birth," he said.

And what did Tim do first? Why, he grabbed a digital camera, of course! And thanks to that, we have a YouTube clip.

Link (Photo: Tim Fraser) - via Fortean Times

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Also, even if it were spelled "opossum", why should we have to spell it that way if "possum" was considered acceptable slang?
If there were a post about Tasmanian Tigers would you get all up on your high horse in the comments section and carry on about "ACTUALLY, it's spelled THYLACINE!".
Neatorama isn't exactally a formal publication, you jackass.
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By the way TT, Australians spell everything the same as the Brits do e.g., colour, aluminium, anything that ends in "ise" is spelled with an S, not a Z etc...
Also, it's "Aussies", not "Ozzies". Maybe check YOUR OWN spelling before you make comments regarding other people's spelling abilities.
And where are you getting off telling Americans and Australians how to spell the name of an animal that's native to their own country but not yours?
I suppose we shouldn't be giving assholes like you attention because that's exactly what you want.
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Wow, TT -- you're a dick and an idiot. How do Brits (I assume you're a Brit, because to my knowledge, no one else uses the word Yank to describe all Americans) get off telling people how to spell an animal that ISN'T NATIVE TO ENGLAND.
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That's because you Yanks and Ozzies misspell words all the time.

This is the same case of laziness for words such as COLOUR.

But for some reason when comes to GLAMOUR, you decide to keep it.

If you are going to say that you are speaking ENGLISH, then spell it correctly.

Possum is incorrect, this is simply a case of people not knowing what the correct spelling is. Hearing it spoken people have no idea that there is an "o" in it.
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@TT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opossum

"They are commonly also called "possums," though that term is also applied to Australian fauna of the suborder Phalangeriformes. The Virginia Opossum is the original animal named "opossum". The word comes from Algonquian wapathemwa. Colloquially, the Virginia opossum is frequently called simply possum."

In other words, in the U.S. you can spell it either way. In Australia, it's always "possum," and since this happened there, it's definitely possum, not opossum.
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