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My daughter is a red head (recessive genes) and she is the only one in the family with red hair. Since she is now only 7 years old she does not feel self conscious about this yet. We do all we can to let her know just how beautiful she is.

When I see stuff like "Kick a Ginger Day" it really breaks my heart and makes me hate humanity. I also read a blog post once about how ginger children have no souls and it also broke me heart.

Why does there have to be so much hate toward red headed people? In America it might be better than in the UK but they still have an old saying "like a red headed step child" and that's not nice either.

I really wish people would not promote violence toward red headed people, especially children. There is already so much violence in this world and so many narrow minded people who actually believe this trash. Let's stop this now.
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Nice to see it's not just dudes who are doing this and they have some chic's participating as well. They should have rigged the names to actually be mounted on each person so they didn't need a 2nd person to follow them everywhere.

Very entertaining though.
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Damn! Ya'll must be hitting this sucker pretty hard right now I can't save mine.

"We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly."

Guess I will try back later with a different browser even.

Come on people it's all just good fun.
Lighten up a bit please.
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Oh my this has sparked a lot of comments.

I for one find this neat because I love Austin Powers and it looks like I am not the only one. Here is a great parody of what I actually seen in my head when I seen bush get a shoe thrown at him.

"Who throws a shoe, honestly?" Classic!
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My blog was inspired by a game I play with my kids whenever we are in the car, "I Spy with my little eye...". The name of the site is

The blog is basically a place for me to record and share all the stuff I find on the web that I find interesting. From neat gadgets to stunning photography to amazingly useful websites to interesting videos, a little of it all really. I do find a lot of amazing things on a regular basis.

I must admit a lot of the best stuff I find I usually find here at This site is my first, middle and last stop on my daily rounds.

My internet life would be a lot less bright without Neatorama in my day.
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This is very very interesting. I am amazed at anything related to the golden ratio. Now this is also a great overview of the "amen break" itself. I found this very well made.
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The comment about suicide being rare in Irish-Catholics is not true.

I live in Ireland and I we have an fairly high suicide rate here. I live in a small town in rural Ireland and have been here for 3 years. I can remember hearing about at least a dozen suicides just in the last couple years.

Here are some facts about suicide by Irish Catholics:
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When I see this I just keep singing over and over in my head "BRAZIL.....DAH DAH DAH ... DAH DE DAH DAH". Totally looks like a seen from the film Brazil.

For those who don't know what I am writing about and too bothered to rent the movie you can sort of see here:
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I totally agree with "col mcgillveray" and "anne" and I happen to be living in Ireland at the moment. My wife is Irish and herself and the rest of the people here would disagree with that chart, but technically it may be right. It seems odd that part of the British Isles are not part of Britain but that may be the case.

It is a very touchy subject here and I say it's best to avoid the subject all together.

The main circle needs to be moved over a wee bit to include northern ireland but not the republic. Get your pen out.
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My name is Christian and I am 34 years old. I am American but have been living in Ireland for over 3 years now. My wife is from here and we will probably be here a few more years.

I used to check the Drudge Report first each day but now Neatorama is first on the list. I am obsessed really.

I write a blog myself (*shameless plug ahead and I have linked back to you here quite a few times because 80% of the stuff you write about is exactly the sort of thing I would write about.

Oh and Happy Birthday Noticedneutrino!
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