The WoW Project by Aram Bartholl

This 1996 2006 WoW project by Aram Bartholl let people "play" as their World of Warcraft avatars in real life.

If your name is Leeroy Jenkins, you'd have to use big fonts ;)

The WoW project takes this mode of publicizing players’ names that’s typical of online 3D worlds and transfers it into the physical domain of everyday life. Participants of the WoW-workshop will be able to construct their own name out of cardboard and then parade around in public with it hovering above their head. What happens when a person’s customary anonymity in the public sphere is obliterated by the principles operative in virtual worlds online?


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The names would have stood out more if they give them a slight black outline around each letter. They still would have looked "WoW Green" but have been legible.

It would have been cool if they added to the prank by having another smaller sign with some number on it, then have them pop upwards from the person after a staged injury, like bumping into something, falling down, or accidentally jostling another 'player' while walking by.
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Nice to see it's not just dudes who are doing this and they have some chic's participating as well. They should have rigged the names to actually be mounted on each person so they didn't need a 2nd person to follow them everywhere.

Very entertaining though.
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Then there's the SHAM WoW project where you have a bunch of guys with bad headsets cleaning up after the WoW Project.

But only for about 20 minutes! "We can't do this all day!"
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