Quote: Suicide is Nonexistent in Some Cultures

Suicide is non-existent among the Tiv of Nigeria, the Andaman Islanders, and the Yahgans of Tierra del Fuego.

Suicide is present but very rare among black American females, Irish Catholics, Mexicans, and Muslims in Egypt; Suicides are common in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Japan, and Finland. (Source: Comprehensive Textbook of Suicidology)

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Hungary and Finland are the two largest countries with a Finno-Ugric language. If Estonia is up there in suicide statistics, it's entirely possible that their native tongue makes them more prone to kill themselves.
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@Dan- Perhaps you should also examine the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster's graph concerning the correlation between pirates and global warming?
FYI, correlation != causation. Beginning-level stats.

Actually on topic, Language Log featured a sci-fi short story not long ago with a similar idea-- that we could accidentally decimate an alien race by introducing the concept of suicide:
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