Make your own poster in the style of the iconic "Hope" artwork by Shepard Fairey (previously at Neatorama). Use a webcam or upload an existing photo, then add a word or two to make a custom poster. http://obamiconme.pastemagazine.com/ -via the Presurfer

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Shepard fairey is not stealing other peoples art and claiming it at his own. He is using other artists imagery in his own way making different meaning. And he actually doesn't use a machine to produce all his works. He paints some of his designs, but most of them are made digitally. That article you have is bogus and they should do a bit more research on Shepard Fairey and the intentions of his work.
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I made a photo booth plugin that does the same thing. It is free open source. No need to register or agree to a EULA.

it works only on macs running osx 10.5
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