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Hey Dollak... Does that same standard apply to infants than? They are unable to sustain themselves even when they are out of the womb. Usually they are unable to do that until about 3 years or so. Just curious.
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Not to be too nit-picky but Bao is not the tallest man in the world Leonid Stadnyk is (he's 8 inches taller)
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Thomas- Bill Ayers received a presidential pardon from Bill Clinton.

Anchorages sister city is Magadan, Siberia. There is a lot of trade between Alaska and Russia as well as several hundred "old russian" villages throughout Alaska. There are many companies based on Russian trade in Ak. Thousands of Russians call Alaska home for work or school. The fact that Alaska shares a Maritime border with Russia and shares it's other border with Canada means it is isolated from the rest of the U.S. between two other Nations. The governor of Alaska has inherent logistical relationships with Russia and Canada that no other governor has.
Does any of this mean she's ready to face off with Putin? Not really.. but it is worth something.
Mind you I value executive experience far beyond any foreign relations experience, she does have twelve years more experience there than Obama does.
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Her ex-brother in-law tazered his ten year old son and made death threats against palins father. Heaven forbid she should demand he be dismissed.

The cost of the bridge was originally around 60 to 80 million. She was for it then. She opposed it when it ballooned to over 300 million. Good for her.

She has always been a registered Republican. Never a member of the Alaska secessionists.

She has 12 years in every level of government in Alaska as well as running the Alaska Energy Commission, the most powerful commission in the state. (That's 12 years more executive experience than Obama)
Any argument that she's not qualified for lack of experience goes triple for Obama.

Seriously do a search for palin on Snopes or FactCheck before you make your arguments.
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Again she is not against stem cell research she is against the government funding abortions in the name of research. You may find it a small distinction but it none the less is a distinction conservatives want to be cleared up.

Standard operations for any state is to accept federal dollars into their general fund. (That's the only place it could go) This fund is for roads and schools as well as many other things. There's nothing to prove. If she kept the money (which I don't dispute) that's where it would HAVE to go.
The reason I say feminism has nothing to do with empowering women. It only serves to advance liberalism is because the feminist movement doesn't allow for women like Sarah Palin in their fold. She is a strong conservative woman therefore she must be attacked. Go and read anything written about her by any number of feminist groups out there and it's very easy to see. Condi is another great example. I've read countless amazing things demeaning her out there. She is someone the feminists despise. I've even heard them say she is a hermaphrodite. She made it on her own using conservative values therefore she doesn't fit the template.

As far as "troopergate" Walt Monegan the Public Safety Commissioner for Alaska refused to fire a state trooper who happened to be Palins former brother in-law. The rest of the story is always conveniently left out. Mike Wooten was the trooper in question. He was put on a 5 day suspension after he tasered his 10 year old step-son and issued death threats against Palins father several times. The safety commissioner serves at the pleasure of the governor and she was well within her rights(if not duties) to fire Monegan over this as well as many other reasons. Only a 5 day suspension and a returning to duty after tasering a 10 year old boy? What would you say if that was your son?

I'm by no means completely happy with Palin I've got a list of gripes with her. You're just barking at all the wrong ones.

Doesn’t it scare you that a person with significant lack of qualifications has been nominated for the Presidency of the United States? I’ll tell you, it sure as hell scares me. (Obama)

(yes I did read that second article (letter) on snopes It's hardly relevant to any of the points I've made. I wont argue that she's been perfect for my state. I have several gripes of my own. Several within that letter I'd agree with.

My only point was that no posts have been made about Palin getting the VP slot, but tons about the Messiah.
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Paul: you should do a search on snopes for Palin. It might enlighten you. She is not for teaching creationism in the schools. And as an Alaskan, I too support predator controls like shooting wolves from planes *gasp* I guess that makes me a horrible person. I'd rather shoot a few wolves and keep their population down as to increase the number of moose so villages in rural Alaska don't starve. I guess if you had to choose between killing a wolf or starving the villages you couldn't care less. How compassionate of you.

Also you need to learn about sarcasm... of course the feminists won't support her. She's conservative. Feminism has nothing to do with empowering women. It only serves to advance liberalism.

She isn't against stem cell research, She is against government money for "embryonic" stem cell research. If you have to kill a fetus to do research than I'm against it too. You can gather as many stem cells from the afterbirth as you need. No reason to abort a fetus just to harvest it's cells. (again how compassionate of you)

The money for the bridge to nowhere did stay in the states general fund (the same fund used to improve roads and build schools (Aren't liberals always saying we need to spend more money for the children?) Every state uses federal funds for these same things. The fact that she wised up before the project got too far should be a good thing. She was one of the main people shutting it down.

We could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Sorry to confuse you with the facts.
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I do find it rather interesting and telling that there are easily four times as many posts about Obama as there is about McCain. Something I find rather neat is the naming of Sarah Palin as the V.P candidate. Hmmm kinda hard to sift through all of those posts about her, all 0 of them. No, neatorama posters like Stanhope are completely unbiased.

Here's a woman who has made it to some of the highest levels in elected office by her own efforts. Why again did Hillary get as far as she did? Oh, that's right, she was married to Bill. A woman who makes it on her own merit or a woman who rides her husbands coat tails. Which one do you suppose garners the support of feminists?
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